first_img IN THE NEWS: CARS TRACKING US?SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Sure, people know they need to keep up with their cars. But how many of us know that our cars are also able to keep track of us? These days, most newer automobiles are loaded with technological features like internet connections, cameras and sensors. They can help us find our way, stay in our lanes — and even have our cars unlocked remotely if keys are lost. But that information can also be used by others. For example, in China, car manufacturers have been sharing location detail of connected cars with the government. That has raised concerns in other countries that information gleaned from connected cars can be shared with insurance companies, marketers — and the authorities. Those with older vehicles have little to be concerned about. But by 2020, nearly three out of every four cars sold will have some features that can collect information about drivers and their actions behind the wheel.IN THE NEWS: CELLPHONE-FREE VACATIONS?UNDATED (AP) — Some people like to use their vacation time to unwind. But can you also use your time off to unplug? Some resorts are beginning to offer perks to those who can bear to be off their cellphones for a few hours. For example, some places have designated certain times as phone-free hours at their pools. Other places ban electronic devices from public places altogether. Some hotels might find that they run the risk of turning off guests who don’t want to wean themselves off their phones, tablets and laptops. But many hotels and resorts say the tech-free policies can help promote the idea of such places being a place for rest, wellness and relaxation.IN STORES: OZOBOT EVOREDONDO BEACH, Calif. (AP) — It’s said good things come in small packages. And with so many educators touting the implementation of STEM programs — this is a small package that can pay off big-time for a youngster interested in coding. The Ozobot Evo is about the size of a ping-pong ball — but it can be a tool to bounce your kids into the realm of people who can make things work — instead of just hoping that they will work. The Ozobot Evo can be given its marching orders in one of two ways. You can do it online with OzoBlockly programming. Or you can forego the screen route by using a set of Color Code markers. All the tricks you can teach it are available through coding. There is also an Evo app that lets users earn points as they find different ways to code the product, which can be programmed to race, send messages — and even do battle with each other. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices. The Ozobot Evo is designed for ages 9 and up — and retails for $100.IN STORES: EA SPORTS NHL19 / NBA 19 / MADDEN 19REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (AP) — Come inside and play? It’s an invitation that gamers won’t be able to resist with the current crop of titles from EA Sports. The mainstays of the EA Sport lineup remain as always: Madden 19, NBA 19 and NHL 19 and FIFA 19. The detailed presentation and true-to-the-game action and controls seem to get better each year. And more than once, people who see the videogame without noticing that someone is holding a controller have said they thought they were watching a real game unfold on the screen. The officially licensed titles feature all the stars of the current leagues — with updated rosters available online as needed. But the games also provide plenty of opportunities to hone your skills away from the big-league level — with practice sessions as well as drills and low-key games.TCL 5 SERIES 4K TV WITH ROKUHUIZHOU, China (AP) — Lots of people like the quality and sharpness of a 4K TV set — but are reluctant to shell out the big bucks it usually takes to bring that kind of technology home. For those on a budget who don’t want to sacrifice much in the way of picture quality, the offerings from TCL are worth a look. The TV’s are made in China — and carry a lower price tag than many of the other smart TV brands with ultra-high-definition pictures. But the picture is impressive. If you take a side-by-side look at the images produced by the various models with 55-inch screens, you’ll notice little difference between them and the TCLs. One advantage TCL series has — is an integrated Roku system. You can easily “dial up” the streams of your choice by adding them to your home screen with your remote. Sites like Netflix that require a subscription can easily be accessed, once you enter your subscriber information — making future viewing a snap. The set has three HDMI ports, a USB port and a digital audio connector as well as a standard audio jack.MISTY MATE MIST PRO 3RIVERDALE, Calif. (AP) — In most places this time of year, the idea of a cool, temperature-reducing mist is not exactly what you’re looking for. But for those who are — or expect to be — in need of cooling, the Misty Mate Mist Pro 3 personal misting device is just the ticket. Instead of lining up for a mist in front of one of those huge fans, your mist is available at your command. The device features a nozzle that atomizes water into microparticles that evaporate instantly on contact. That can help cool the air around you by up to 30 degrees. It holds up to three ounces of fluid and is pressurized by a built-in, hand-operated pump. That amount of liquid can last between 1 and 4 hours, depending on how often you blast the mist. Speaking of cool, the device comes in three colours, blue, grey and green. It also comes with a one-year Oscar Wells Gabriel IIFollow Oscar Wells Gabriel II on Twitter at Associated Press by The Associated Press Posted Dec 24, 2018 2:26 am PDT AM Prep-Cyber Cornercenter_img AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emaillast_img read more