Finding medicine growing amongst the skyscrapers and concrete

first_imgAPTN National NewsMany of us live in urban settings across Canada and often surrounded by skyscrapers and concrete.However, one British Columbia woman sees it differently.To her, if you look a little closer, it’s a place to collect medicine growing right at your feet.APTN’s Tina House has this storylast_img

Pipeline ruptures sparks massive fire north of Prince George BC

first_imgPRINCE GEORGE, B.C. – About 100 members of a First Nation community in northern British Columbia were evacuated from their homes Tuesday evening after a gas pipeline ruptured, sparking a massive blaze.The rupture happened on a natural gas transmission pipeline owned and operated by Enbridge about 13.5 kilometres from Prince George on Tuesday evening, Enbridge spokesman Michael Barnes said in an emailed statement.It ignited at the site, which is in a rural area. There are no reports of injuries, he said.“Enbridge emergency crews have responded, have isolated and are currently depressurizing two natural gas transmission lines in the vicinity to contain the incident,” he said. “The incident area has been cordoned off to maintain public safety.”The evacuees largely belonged to the nearby Lheidli T’enneh First Nation and were asked to leave their homes as a precaution, he said.“Enbridge is working with area communities to ensure public safety,” he said.British Columbia’s Ministry of Environment said it had been notified of the incident Shelley, B.C., and involved an 900 PSI pipeline.Prince George resident Dhruv Desai said he was driving up a hill toward the nearby University of Northern British Columbia when he noticed several cars had pulled off the road taking photos of something.He pulled over as well and snapped his own shots of a massive blaze.“I was able to see it very clearly from the hill,” he said. “It was huge even from this distance.”Meanwhile, National Energy Board spokesman Tom Neufeld said the fire was along Enbridge’s Westcoast main line, which falls under the board’s jurisdiction.The Westcoast Transmission System transports natural gas produced in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin to consumers in B.C. and, through interconnecting pipelines, other Canadian provinces and the United States.“NEB inspectors have been deployed to this area. They’re going to monitor and oversee the company’s response to the incident, and they’re going to determine the impact and extend of the fire and release,” Neufeld said.The NEB has also activated its emergency operations centre in Calgary, he said.It will work closely with the Transportation Safety Board, which is responsible for investigating the incident, Neufeld said.last_img read more

Saudi cleric says women driver ban guards against evil

first_imgRiyad- The grand mufti of Saudi Arabia said a ban on women driving in the conservative Gulf state protects society from “evil”, in remarks published in the press on Thursday.Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah al-Sheikh, in a speech delivered Wednesday in the western city of Medina, said the issue of giving women the right to drive should not be “one of society’s major concerns”.The kingdom’s most senior cleric called for “the matter to be considered from the perspective of protecting society from evil” which, according to him, included letting women drive. His comments came as activists said they had been assured by Interior Minister Prince Mohammed bin Nayef that authorities were reassessing the controversial Saudi ban on women drivers.“Rest assured that the issue is being discussed, and expect a good outcome,” the minister was quoted as saying on Wednesday by Aziza al-Yusef, who met him along with fellow activist Hala al-Dosari.The absolute monarchy is the only country in the world where women are barred from driving, a regulation that has drawn condemnation from the international community.Prince Mohammed stressed that the ban was “a matter to be decided by the legislative authority”, Yusef told AFP.Saudi Arabia has an all-appointed consultative Shura Council, with no elected parliament. The council makes recommendations to the government, but the king remains the absolute legislator.“We expect a royal decree that gives us this right,” Yusef said.At least 16 women were stopped by police during a driving protest day last month, and were fined and forced along with their male guardians to promise to obey the kingdom’s laws.In addition to the driving ban, Saudi women are forced to cover themselves from head to toe and need permission from a male guardian to travel, work and marry.last_img read more

Six things we learned about the SNCLavalin affair from the ethics report

The withering conclusion by Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau violated conflict of interest law in the SNC-Lavalin affair will lead the country’s newscasts, but the lengthy report also digs deep into the scandal and gives a rare look at the inner workings of the highest level of government.Here are six things buried in the report that shed new light on the SNC-Lavalin affair and the Trudeau government itself.Trudeau says Wilson-Raybould saw any advice as ‘interference’Although Liberals have mostly tried not to disparage former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould in public — except for a few anonymous sources, at least — some indications of fractious relationships are clear in the report.Trudeau testified that Wilson-Raybould “tended to view any form of engagement or advice by the Prime Minister’s staff on decisions she had already made as ‘interference.’ ”Trudeau’s submission to the ethics commissioner says that his relationship with Wilson-Raybould “had become challenging and tense.”Story continues belowThis advertisement has not loaded yet,but your article continues below.“Trudeau was concerned with the significant friction between Wilson-Raybould and the Prime Minister’s Office and the friction between her and her cabinet colleagues,” the report reads.Finance Minister Bill Morneau also told the ethics commissioner’s office that he didn’t think Wilson-Raybould had done her “due diligence” on the economic effects of the decision not to strike a deal with SNC-Lavalin.The ‘Plan B’ PowerPointRepresentatives from SNC-Lavalin and officials in the finance department teamed up on a PowerPoint presentation that the company planned to submit to the Public Prosecution Service of Canada, arguing that a deferred prosecution was in the public interest.According to the ethics report, that presentation also outlined the company’s “Plan B,” in the event of a prosecution. SNC-Lavalin would be broken up and two new companies would be created out of the parts. Three “possibly convicted” entities would form the first group, based in Canada and heading toward an “eventual wind-up.”“The other group would be made up of parts of the SNC-Lavalin Group that had no role in the wrongful behaviour and would be reconstituted and headquartered in another jurisdiction,” the report reads.In November, SNC-Lavalin ramped up its communications with government officials, with the company warning the prime minister’s office it “was close to escalating measures” to prepare for the “Plan B.”The McLachlin optionMorneau testified that, during a discussion in mid-November in Beijing, Kevin Lynch, the chair of the SNC-Lavalin board of directors, brought up the idea of having former chief justice of the Supreme Court Beverley McLachlin act as a third-party expert. The pair happened to be attending the same conference in China at the time.SNC-Lavalin also floated the idea of contracting McLachlin to preside over a “settlement conference” between the company and the prosecution services. Trudeau testified that he was never informed about this proposal.The idea of McLachlin giving Wilson-Raybould expert advice gained steam in the government over the next month, with Butts urging the attorney general to speak to “someone like” McLachlin at the beginning of December.The only problem? McLachlin herself wasn’t crazy about the idea and had expressed reservations.“She was no longer a lawyer and could not offer legal advice. She would also require proper briefing,” the report reads. McLachlin would also need to be invited by the attorney general because she “did not want to be retained by the Government of Canada.”No precedent for ‘external advice’Wilson-Raybould was repeatedly urged to seek “external advice” on whether to intervene in the Public Prosecution Service of Canada decision not to defer the prosecution of SNC-Lavalin. Deputy Justice Minister Nathalie Drouin even urged Wilson-Raybould to strike a panel of experts that could offer her recommendations.Wilson-Raybould and her staff were concerned that sensitive information could be compromised by seeking third-party advice and asked Drouin to report back on whether it had even been done before.Drouin returned with a memo stating that, to her knowledge, “an attorney general had never sought external advice on a prosecutorial decision.”How the prime minister’s office worksThe commissioner’s report also provides some rare insight into the workings of the prime minister’s office. In his interview with the ethics commissioner’s office, Trudeau testified that his advisers are authorized to interact with ministers on his behalf and “once they have a sense of Mr. Trudeau’s direction on a matter,” they are tasked with day-to-day management of the issue.On an issue like the SNC-Lavalin affair, Trudeau didn’t expect frequent updates and his staff were expected to deal with the file as they saw fit.That fact became important as the commissioner decided whether or not there was a conflict: it was assumed by everyone involved that all of the advisers who put inappropriate pressure on Wilson-Raybould were doing so with the full force of the prime minister behind them.All for SNCTrudeau testified that he didn’t get up to speed on the idea of remediation agreements until early 2016, when it was brought up in a meeting with SNC-Lavalin’s CEO. After the meeting Trudeau asked his advisers to look into the idea, saying it would be “an unfortunate loss,” if the company’s employees were to lose their jobs.It is clear, and even explicitly stated by some government officials, that remediation agreements were specifically introduced for SNC-Lavalin. Earlier in the year, Wilson-Raybould testified that she believed the legislative changes were made “primarily because of SNC-Lavalin.” From surf clams to limousines, a not-so-comprehensive list of Liberal ethics complaints under Trudeau Trudeau breached conflict of interest law in SNC-Lavalin affair, ethics commissioner rules Andrew Coyne: The real scandal in the Lavalin affair is Trudeau’s attempts to pretend it’s not a scandal Trudeau says he accepts watchdog’s SNC-Lavalin report and takes responsibility, but doesn’t agree with findings • Email: | Twitter: read more

UN calls for increased vigilance to staunch return of African locust swarms

In the update, the UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) says that unusually heavy rainfall and excellent breeding conditions caused hopper bands to form in July in eastern Chad and the Darfur region of Sudan. In addition, new infestations have been found in eastern Eritrea.Elsewhere in the Sahel, including the summer breeding areas of southern Mauritania, northern Mali, Niger and western Chad, very few locusts have been seen so far, despite good rainfall and favourable breeding conditions.Nevertheless, the agency cautions that intensive surveys must be maintained on a regular basis in all areas throughout the summer to detect the first signs of an increase in locust populations, particularly since the rainfall is expected to continue and an outbreak could still develop in August and September.During July, ground control teams were able to treat nearly 1,726 hectares in accessible areas of Eritrea. A few small hopper bands were treated in northern Ethiopia, but there were other areas where breeding may have occurred but could not be accessed on the ground.Since the start of the locust crisis in October 2003, donor countries have provided over $74 million, to which FAO has added over $6 million from its own resources. The UN agency provided overall leadership of the campaign, issued alerts and warnings, and delivered, with donor resources, nearly 60 per cent of the pesticides used, 50 vehicles, numerous sprayers, communication equipment, protective clothing and technical advice. read more

COP21 on Resilience Day UN and partners launch initiatives to protect millions

These initiatives are taking place under the Lima to Paris Action Agenda (LPAA), launched one year ago at the previous climate change conference in Peru, and aims to strength climate action beyond COP21.“Resilience is really important because the climate is already changing, and we need to be able to not just adapt to the changes but actually develop in a way that takes into account that in the future, climate will still change,” Janos Pasztor, the UN Assistant Secretary-General on Climate Change, told the UN News Service in an interview at the conference site in Paris. “Even if we stop all the emissions today, there are already enough greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that the climate will continue to change,” he continued. “So we need to adjust our development process, adjust our economic approach […] and be more resilient to future changes that will happen.”Bold announcements were made at COP21 today, which was dedicated to building more resilient societies and economies. According to the UN, extreme climate already impacts hundreds of millions of people every year, undermining or destroying their livelihoods, their homes and their environment. The Rockefeller Foundation estimates that over the last 30 years, one dollar out of every three spent on development has been lost as a result of such recurring crises, a total loss of $3.8 trillion dollars worldwide. In contrast, resilient societies and economies suffer less and recover more quickly from such natural disasters.“Resilience–it is very important when we talk about climate change and its consequences,” Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, Peru’s Minister of the Environment, told the UN News Service.“When we talk about resilience, we are talking about how can we resist […] and avoid negative consequences to our human population,” he explained. “To the wildlife, to the habitat, to the ecosystems, to the water, to the ocean–that is why we have the ‘Resilience Day.’ If climate change is going to bring us natural disasters, we should have the objective of resilience as a way to face those kinds of consequences.”Meanwhile, the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) today launched a new ‘Climate Risk Early Warning System,’ (CREWS), while the governments of Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands agreed to give more than $80 million dollars to equip up to 80 countries with better systems to support countries most vulnerable to climate disasters.The plan was first proposed in March by France’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Laurent Fabius at the Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in Sendai, Japan.“Climate related disasters cause human losses and dramatic economic losses each year,” said France’s Secretary of State for Development Annick Girardin.“We will first help the most exposed countries among [Least Developed Countries] and Small Island States which will be most at risk as the frequency and severity of such hazards are expected to increase in this part of the world,” she added.News from COP21 also included the announcement from a broad coalition of nations, river basin organizations, businesses and civil society groups of the creation of the international Paris Pact on Water and Climate Change Adaptation to make water systems – considered the very foundation of sustainable human development–more resilient to climate impacts.Almost 290 water basin organizations are reportedly engaged under this new Pact. They say without improved water resources management, the progress towards poverty reduction targets, the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and sustainable development in all its economic, social and environmental dimensions, will be jeopardized.According to a press release issued by the main actors of the LPAA, many other initiatives launched on ‘Resilience Day’ covered the “full spread of peoples’ needs” as they face increasing climate impacts.” read more

Ohio State mens tennis wins 7th straight against a ranked opponent beats

Senior Peter Kobelt returns the ball during a match against Texas A&M Feb. 9 at the Varsity Tennis Center. OSU won, 4-3.Credit: Alice Bacani / News director at BuckeyeTVAfter a whirlwind week that saw it defeat four top 15-ranked opponents in four days and rise to No. 1 in the ITA team rankings, the Ohio State men’s tennis team returned to action this weekend in another highly anticipated match at No. 10 Notre Dame.Playing in their first match after winning the ITA Indoor National Championship Feb. 17, the top ranked Buckeyes (14-0, 0-0) traveled to South Bend, Ind., Saturday to take on the Fighting Irish (10-3, 0-1).There might have been a bit of a hangover from the previous week’s success as the Buckeyes started out flat in doubles play.Redshirt-sophomore Chris Diaz and redshirt-freshman Ralf Steinbach were off first, losing to the Irish duo of senior Ryan Bandy and sophomore Eric Schnurrenberger 7-5.The Buckeyes’ No. 2-ranked duo of senior Peter Kobelt and redshirt-junior Kevin Metka evened things up with a 9-7 win over the No. 17 ranked team of senior Greg Andrews and sophomore Alex Lawson. The Irish captured the point shortly after though, as senior Billy Pecor and freshman Josh Hagar beat OSU’s redshirt-junior Hunter Callahan and freshman Herkko Pollanen, 8-6.After riding the doubles teams hard last weekend, and only having lost the doubles point twice in their previous 13 matches, the Buckeyes knew they had to shore up a few things up in singles play.OSU got the message, winning the first set in four of their matches. Steinbach fell quickly to Bandy, 6-3, 6-3, to give the Irish a 2-0 lead, but it was all Buckeyes from that point on.Callahan earned the Buckeyes’ first point, winning in straight sets against Schnurrenberger, 6-4, 6-4. It was his 12th consecutive win.Diaz fought back from being down 5-2 in his first set to force a tiebreaker with sophomore Quentin Monaghan. Momentum was all his at that point as he won the break and went on to win 7-6, 6-4.Metka went back in forth with freshman Eddy Covalschi before winning in a third set tiebreak, 6-3, 3-6, 7-6, and leaving the Buckeyes one win away from clinching the match.No. 23 Kobelt was the one who provided that point. In his match against No. 37 ranked Andrews, both players held serve every single time with each set heading to a tiebreak. After losing the first break, Kobelt took the next two, clinching the match with a 6-7, 7-6, 7-6 victory.“It’s always exciting to clinch match point for your team, especially against a very good Notre Dame team,” Kobelt said after the match.It was Notre Dame’s first home loss of the season and also the Buckeyes’ seventh straight win this season against a top 25 team.The Buckeyes are next scheduled to head to Indiana Monday to open Big Ten play with a match against the Hoosiers. The match is set to start at 2 p.m. read more

Prince George has received coaching from Roger Federer Duchess of Cambridge reveals

“It’s already good. Same with my boys.”On being a royal favourite, he added: “I think I have a little advantage that I actually spent some time, you know, with him. “So maybe I’m the only player he’s ever met, then you have a little head start in who is your favourite player.”He added: “Look, he’s a cute boy. I love to see that they’re into tennis or into sports. Definitely.“You know, his mum has always enjoyed tennis. That’s it. I hope that he’ll still say the same in a few years’ time. This is not just an in-the-moment situation that he said, ‘Oh, he’s a good guy. I’ve just seen him recently.’”The Duchess revealed that her eldest son had taken up tennis in 2017, when he was four. It emerged that she had asked Judy Murray for advice as Prince George just wanted to “whack a ball.” The revelation was clearly music to Federer’s ears. When the news was relayed to him after his match on Thursday, the tennis champion beamed from ear to ear and could not resist a celebratory little fist pump.“That’s very big,” he grinned.Asked about the young prince’s technique, he was complimentary.“At that stage it’s all about just touch the ball,” he said. Switzerland’s Roger Federer celebrates after winning his second round match against Britain’s Jay ClarkeCredit:Andrew Couldridge /Reuters  Switzerland's Roger Federer celebrates after winning his second round match against Britain's Jay Clarke Roger Federer knocked a young British hopeful out of Wimbledon on Thursday but was rather more benevolent to another up and coming player, Prince George, it has emerged.The world number three made light work of Jay Clarke in the second round, dispatching him from the competition in straight sets. But he later spoke warmly about taking on the five-year-old prince at the Middleton family home in Bucklebury, Berks.Federer is a long-time family friend of the Middletons. He and his wife Mirka attended the marriage of Kate’s younger sister, Pippa, to James Matthews in 2017.The Duchess revealed during a visit to Wimbledon on Tuesday that Prince George was a huge tennis fan and had been practising his swing with Federer.She told retired British player Anne Keothavong, whom she sat next to on Court 14, that the 37-year-old veteran was her son’s favourite. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Baltic Handball League 20132014 begins

Baltic Handball Leaguehandballhandball leaguehandball news ← Previous Story EHF CL 2013/2014 start – Barcelona to Skopje, Alex Dujshebaev: “Talant will cheer for Vardar” Next Story → Olympic Project “Rio 2016”: two matches against Tunisia for Esercito-FIGH Futura Roma The new season of BHL starts on Saturday, the 21st of September with eight teams to compete from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Belarus. Minsk SKA will defend the title that was won last year in the final with Riihimäki Cocks.Taking in consideration that  Minsk SKA, the team from Belarussia, only lost one game last year and the addition of two new Belarussian teams HC Meshkov Brest and HC Vitjaz it is a real possibility that the Baltic league may be dominated by the huge belarussian force. Before last year Belarussian teams had been away from the Baltic League for three years and now their enthusiasm has grown even bigger. This years newcomers Brest have already played in BHL before four years ago gaining fourth position, while Vitjaz are debutantes.Fighting for a place in the final 4 tournament are also two Estonian teams Põlva Serviti and  HC Kehra/Horizon Pulp&Paper, Riihimäki Cocks from Finland and Lithuanian Klaipeda Dragunas. The absolute outsider of this group seems to be Latvia’s Riia Celtnieks/LSPA who was left without a single point last year and probably havent improved enough this year to be real contenders in the league.Coach of Põlva Serviti, who just recently lost their European Cup game to Bergens team and the coach of Kehra, Jüri Lepp, said almost identical sentences  about the upcoming season:” The goal is to get to the Final 4, but it is going to be hard, as there are strong Belarussian teams, Riihimäki Cocks, who has many newcomers and ofcourse the always strong at home Dragunas.”Finlands Riihimäki Cocks has high hopes for the season, as they have strengthened their already strong team, who came second last year, with new additions like Estonian national goalkeeper Marius Aleksejev, Estonian leagues last years top scorer Kristo Voika. With these and other additions Riihimäki are certainly hungry to go one place better this year.The director of Baltic League Urmo Sitsi: The prospect of ten teams that we had in the summer is now come down to eight with the help of the Belarus teams. In the future the ideal number would be 16-20 teams but expanding geographically is not in our plan. The main agenda at this moment is to increase the number of Baltic clubs and make them more interested.“Timetable of the first round:21.09. (kell 14.00, Klaipeda): Klaipeda Dragunas – Minski SKA21.09. (kell 16.00, Riia): Riia Celtnieks/LSPA – Riihimäki Cocks21.09. (kell 16.00, Minsk): Minski Vitjaz – Bresti Meškov21.09. (kell 18.00, Põlva): Põlva Serviti – HC Kehra/Horizon Pulp&Paper22.09. (kell 14.00, Klaipeda): Klaipeda Dragunas – Bresti Meškov22.09. (kell 15.00, Minsk): Minski Vitjaz – Minski SKA22.09. (kell 16.00, Põlva): Põlva Serviti – Riihimäki Cocks22.09. (kell 16.30, Riia): Riia Celtnieks/LSPA – HC Kehra/Horizon Pulp&PaperThe final sequence of the season 2012/2013: 1. Minsk SKA, 2. Riihimäki Cocks, 3. Põlva Serviti, 4. HC Kehra/Pulp&Paper, 5. Kaunase Granitas-Gaja-Karys, 6. Klaipeda Dragunas, 7. Dobele Tenax, 8. Riia HK LSPA/NB-SAN.Source: Baltic Handball League press release and read more

Swedish team ready for a EHF EURO 2018 warmup against Iceland

Kristjan Andresson The Swedish national team coach Kristjan Andresson announced squad list for the upcoming EHF week at the end of October, when Sweden will play two friendly matches with Iceland.Two teams will meet at the same group at upcoming Men’s EHF EURO 2018 in Croatia in January.Goalkeepers:Andreas Palicka, Rhein-Neckar Löwen, Germany, 69 caps / 1 goalMikael Appelgren, Rhein-Neckar Löwen, Germany, 58/1Left wings:Jerry Tollbring, Rhein-Neckar Löwen, Germany, 31/102Hampus Wanne, SG Flensburg-Handewitt, Germany, 2/2Line players:Andreas Nilsson, Telekom Veszprem, Hungary, 116/262Jesper Nielsen, Paris Saint-Germain, France, 86/107Fredric Pettersson, Fenix Toulouse, France, 25/30Max Darj, Bergischer HC, Germany, 21/11Right wings:Niclas Ekberg, THW Kiel, Germany, 151/630Mattias Zachrisson, Füchse Berlin, Germany, 100/213Left backs:Lukas Nilsson, THW Kiel, Germany, 38/95Simon Jeppsson, SG Flensburg-Handewitt, Germany, 15/31Philip Henningsson, IFK Kristianstad, Sweden 2/5Playmakers:Jesper Konradsson, Skjern Håndbold, Denmark, 39/49Linus Arnesson, Bergischer HC, Germany, 2/4Right backs:Johan Jakobsson, IK Sävehof, Sweden, 114/250Albin Lagergren, IFK Kristianstad, Sweden, 21/52 ← Previous Story FOOTBALL ATMOSPHERE: First PAOK – Olympiakos handball derby without winners! Next Story → Przybecki to test Poles at Golden league before “long winter” read more

Police investigate motive behind LAX shooting which left one dead

first_imgA GUNMAN OPENED fire with an assault rifle at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) last night, killing a security agent, creating scenes of chaos and causing widespread flight disruptions.Panicked travelers scrambled to escape after the shooter, identified as 23-year-old Paul Anthony Ciancia, blasted through a security checkpoint at the airport.Ciancia then walked calmly through the terminal seeking further victims, and was eventually stopped by police who shot and wounded him.The dead agent was the first Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employee killed in the line of duty since the group was set up following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.The lone gunman, who reportedly had a grudge against the TSA, also wounded seven people in the firing rampage.But he was still carrying plenty of ammunition when he was arrested, said Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.“There were more than 100 more rounds that could have literally killed everybody in that terminal today,” he said, praising airport police. “If it were not for their actions, there could have been a lot more damage,” he said.While reports suggested Ciancia — who was shot multiple times before he went down — was a disgruntled loner, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said it could not rule out terrorism.The shooter opened fire shortly after 9:00 am in a crowded terminal of LAX, the country’s third-biggest air transport hub.He “came into Terminal Three, pulled an assault rifle out of a bag and began to open fire,” said Patrick Gannon, head of the airport police.YouTube: CNN“He proceeded up into the screening area . . . and continued shooting,” he said.Security camera footage that aired on TV showed people diving to the floor at the sound of gunfire and scrambling to escape the terminal.Police chased the gunman to near a Burger King restaurant where they “engaged him in gunfire… and were able to successfully take him into custody.”The TSA, which employs screeners and guards at airports, confirmed that one of its employees had died. “Multiple Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) were shot, one fatally,” said a TSA statement.The FBI later named the shooter, and said that he was a Los Angeles resident who came originally from the eastern state of New Jersey.Police found a note on the gunman voicing “disappointment in the government,” a law enforcement official told the Los Angeles Times newspaper, adding that family and friends indicated he could be suicidal.It appeared that Ciancia targeted TSA agents exclusively. During the shooting spree, which lasted less than 10 minutes, he approached a number of people cowering in the terminal and pointed his gun at them, asking if there “were TSA.”If they answered “no,” then he moved on, the Times reported, citing witnesses who said he cursed the TSA repeatedly.In this photo provided to the AP, police officers stand near an unidentified weapon in Terminal 3 of LAXBrian Adamick, 43, said he saw a wounded TSA worker, with a bloodied ankle, board a shuttle bus helping passengers escape.”It looked like it was straight out of the movies,” he said.Some 750 flights were disrupted after the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a national ground-stop.Although there was no indication that other people were involved in the attack, the FBI said it could not rule out terrorism.”It would be premature to comment on a motivation at this time and joint investigators have neither ruled out terrorism, nor ruled it in,” said an FBI statement.In Washington, President Barack Obama was kept up to date on the shooting. “Obviously, we’ve been monitoring it and we’re concerned about it,” Obama said.This being Los Angeles, a number of celebrities were caught up in the action.Filming of an episode of the hit TV show “Mad Men” underway in nearby Terminal Four was halted, a crew member wrote on Twitter.Actor James Franco posted a “selfie” picture of himself on a plane stopped on the tarmac by the incident.”Some s** tbag shot up the place,” he wrote in the first of a series of tweets, ending some five hours later with a more relieved message: “WE’RE OUT! – everyone was calm.”- © AFP 2013LAX shooting: TSA agent killed, two injured, suspect in custodylast_img read more

Android smartphones implicated in new botnet

first_imgWe’ve all become accustomed to the uncomfortable fact that botnets lurk in the more unseemly corners of the intertubes. These networks of interconnected computers are used to carry out DDoS attacks and spend spam without the owner’s knowledge. What may come as a surprise, is that security researchers have now pointed the finger at Android smartphones as a new component of botnets. Is it finally time to look suspiciously at that phone in your hand?This report comes by way of Microsoft researcher Terry Zink, who posits that Android phones are being used to send spam from Yahoo! mail servers. There is no way currently to know who is controlling this supposed botnet, but the IP addresses indicate the devices are being used in various countries around the world including Chile, Indonesia, Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Ukraine, and Venezuela.Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform is being pushed as an alternative to Android, but there is no reason to assume that Zink is being disingenuous. Sophos Security has reviewed the findings and agrees that it does look like a new botnet is living on Android phones. Although, Sophos is careful to point out that until a causative agent can be identified, there is no way of knowing for sure.When you think about it, smartphones are a perfect vector for botnets. They are on virtually all the time, have a constant internet connection, and people have not yet become wary of installing potentially malicious apps on their phones. Google has had some malware scares in the past in the official Play Store, but the location of this outbreak makes infiltration of that repository unlikely. Google’s response to the report was to tout its Bouncer anti-malware system, which has had success in seeding out scams and malware.via BBClast_img read more

Le smartphone à lécran aussi flexible que le papier le PaperPhone

first_imgLe smartphone à l’écran aussi flexible que le papier, le PaperPhoneUne équipe de chercheurs américano-canadiens a mis au point un étonnant prototype de smartphone.C’est un drôle d’outil qui a été mis au point par des chercheurs faisant partie de l’Université Queen’s en Ontario (Canada) et de l’Université d’Etat de l’Arizona. Le PaperPhone est ainsi un smartphone dont la principale caractéristique se situe au niveau de l’écran à encre électronique e-ink, explique Zone Numérique. Celui-ci est pliable comme une feuille de papier et remplace l’habituel écran rigide de nos smartphones.À lire aussiNomophobie : traitement, symptômes, qu’est-ce que c’est ?Son utilisation dépend ainsi de la façon dont l’écran est plié mais il peut également fonctionner avec un stylet. Il possède toutes les qualités d’un smartphone, avec une capacité de stockage de données électroniques (musique, vidéo…) et la gestion des appels entrants et sortants ainsi que celle des messages texte. Selon le docteur Roel Vertegaal, qui a fait partie de l’équipe de chercheurs, cette technologie équipera l’ensemble des téléphones d’ici 5 à 10 ans et pourrait participer à la disparition du papier dans les bureaux.Regardez la vidéo de présentation du PaperPhone en cliquant ci-dessous : 9 mai 2011 à 11:46 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

San Diego County Supervisors approve vote center study

first_img Posted: July 9, 2019 KUSI Newsroom, SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The San Diego County Board of Supervisors Tuesday approved a feasibility study on proposed voting centers.The 4-1 vote, with Supervisor Jim Desmond opposed, came after discussion over how much voting centers would cost, security, and possible disenfranchisement and voter fraud.Under the vote center system, the county’s registered voters would receive a mail ballot and could then drop it off or mail it to a vote center or cast a new ballot at the vote center itself. The system would eliminate the need for provisional ballots.The feasibility study will review pilot vote center locations for the 2020 election cycle, along with the costs and benefits; countywide deployment of the vote center model for the 2022 election cycle; an outreach and education campaign for 2020; and identify any state legislative changes that may be needed.The county will also consider an independent audit of the voter rolls, as requested by Supervisor Kristin Gaspar.Supervisor Nathan Fletcher made the proposal to study whether vote centers are a good idea.In a statement released after the board’s vote, he said: “Our democracy is strongest when the most voters participate in our elections. I believe we should do everything possible to make it easier for people to access the ballot. Today, the Board of Supervisors took an important step by exploring the vote center model, making it easier for people to vote. I appreciate their support and look forward to working with county staff and the community in the months ahead.”Desmond said while the county should look for more ways to expand voting, he wasn’t convinced that “we really need voting centers, when we have 1,600 polling stations.”Desmond also said that voter centers would be located in more densely populated areas, and possibly exclude those in more rural communities, such as farmers or ranchers.The board will decide whether to move forward with the vote center proposal after the study is completed in 120 days. San Diego County Supervisors approve vote center study KUSI Newsroom July 9, 2019 Categories: Local San Diego News, Politics FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

Burglar breaks into West Broward High School steals several items

first_imgPEMBROKE PINES, FLA. (WSVN) – A new clue surfaced after a break-in at a Pembroke Pines high school.According to Pembroke Pines Police, a man burglarized West Broward High School, located at Northwest 209th Avenue and Pines Boulevard, in September. The man was caught on surveillance camera running through the hallways.Police said he forced his way into classrooms and stole several items, including three cameras.If you have any information on this burglary, call Broward County Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a $3,000 reward.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img

Facebook And Instagram Are Down For Many Users

first_img Share Alert! Facebook and Instagram are both down for many users— TNW (@TheNextWeb) October 11, 2017 Photo via PixabayFacebook and Instagram crash with many unable to load their pagesThousands of Facebook and Instagram users are upset because the social media sites are not working properly. According to, 40 percent of Facebook users experienced ‘total blackout’, 36 percent can’t log in, and 22 percent can’t access the Facebook app. Fifty percent of Instagram users experience issues with their ‘news feed’, 25 percent had trouble to log in, and 24 percent couldn’t access their account. also shows reports of users having issues to access their social media accounts.  Instagram is having issues since 11:10 AM EST RT if you’re also affected #instagramdown— Outage Report (@ReportOutage) October 11, 2017 Facebook is having issues since 11:11 AM EST RT if you’re also affected #facebookdown— Outage Report (@ReportOutage) October 11, 2017last_img read more

Taboo Is Done Pulling Its Punches

first_img Taboo’s Finale Lived up to Most of Its PromisesTaboo Delivers Answers, Intrigue and a Torturous Cliffhanger Stay on target After weeks of set up, last week’s episode of Taboo finally found some momentum. The question was would they be able to keep it up? Well, after watching Episode Six, not only were they able to keep it up, they added to it and ran over some people in the process. The show appears to be done hinting at things to come. Now, it’s delivering on the promises of the first half of the season. In its own horrific and disturbing way, of course.As the episode begins, Delaney is still having visions of his mother. He blames his father for telling the world she was insane and locking her up. Brace reveals that Delaney’s father didn’t exactly do that for no reason. Right after Delaney was born, Brace says, she tried to drown him. This only adds to Delaney’s visions. Now, instead of seeing a woman in a lake, he imagines her drowning an infant. That’s pleasant. Delaney walks around all night, ending up at the docks. Winter is there, and Delaney tells her to leave him alone. She insists she’s not scared of her but reconsiders when Delaney speaks in an African language to her. Once he’s alone, Delaney appears to try and drown himself. He doesn’t though, and when he comes back up for air, he sees his brother/maybe son Robert. Robert follows Winter’s lead and runs away.Jessie Buckley as Lorna Bow. (Photo via FX)So James Delaney is unraveling, it seems. We soon learn his sister isn’t doing to well either. When Lorna wonders where James has gone, she visits Zilpha to see if she knows anything. Lorna is surprised to find Thorne Geary, drunk and unemployed. When Zilpha makes an appearance, we see that she’s been beaten. Her face is covered in cuts and bruises. After Thorne tries to shame Lorna with rumors about her relationship with Delaney, Zilpha asks her to leave.Don’t worry too much about Zilpha. She finally gets her revenge on her terrible husband this episode. In the middle of the night, we see her take out a giant needle from a drawer and stand over Thorne, much like she did at the end of last week’s episode. This time, she doesn’t just stand there. After climbing on top of her husband, she searches for a tender spot of flesh and plunges the needle through him. This is the most satisfying moment Taboo has given us so far. Zilpha has been through hell for five straight episodes, so it’s nice to see her get the painful revenge she deserves finally.She runs to her brother’s house, enthusiastically telling him what happened. Delaney is a little confused when she mentions that he told her to kill her husband. Nevertheless, he arranges to have the body taken care of while keeping the heat off of Zilpha. He sends her back home and joins her after the funeral. Well, we knew it was coming. The brother-sister sex scene the show has been hinting at since Episode One. Gross as that is, both parties seem to enjoy themselves and are consenting, which is more than you can say for any of Zilpha’s encounters with her late husband. It doesn’t last long though because Delaney can’t stop thinking about his mother. Just in case this scene wasn’t messed up enough. He keeps having visions of his mother trying to drown him as an infant, which considerably dampens his mood.Jonathan Pryce as Stewart Strange. (Photo via FX)That’s all we get for that relationship this week, though I’m curious to see where it goes from here. The rest of the episode focused on the elaborate chess game between the East India Company, the Crown, and Delaney. The East India Company is nervous about George Chichester’s investigation into the sunken Influence. He’s already turned up a few things the Company would rather have kept secret. The Influence used to be known as the Cornwallis. It changed its name when it picked up a cargo of slaves. Now, since the slave trade was against British law and Company policy, the ship was recorded as leaving port empty. Only a skeleton crew was aboard to maintain the illusion of an empty ship. That, Chichester says, led to the boat sinking. Oh, and the reason some men in the Company were trading slaves illegally: Stuart Strange’s brother owns a plantation.That information turning up inspires strange to act more aggressively against Delaney’s gunpowder operation. Delaney and his men successfully deliver gunpowder to the Americans by putting it in coffins and telling the guards that there’s been a cholera outbreak. They’re almost found out, but Robert lies on top of the gunpowder, pretending to be a dead child. In exchange for the delivery, Delaney wants guaranteed safe passage for his ship to America.There is one minor wrinkle in the operation. The old man who’s been looking after Robert isn’t too comfortable with all the gunpowder and stolen saltpeter on the farm. He confesses to a priest, who informs the East India Company. Delaney cuts out the man’s tongue, leaves him in the church confessional, and has the gunpowder moved before the company can seize it. This is where things start to go terribly for Delaney. Angry that they missed their opportunity to seize the gunpowder, Strange says they’ll hit Delaney where he’s undefended.As Delaney heads to his ship, he’s met by Benjamin Wilton, who tells him it’s war. Delaney’s ship goes up in flames. Delaney knows exactly who’s responsible. The man whose thumb he cut off didn’t heed the warning. Atticus finds the man and Delaney slices him open. He takes out the mans heart but gives it to Atticus. Even Taboo can have a Valentine’s Day episode.Tom Hardy as James Delaney. (Photo via FX)Delaney drinks himself into a stupor and heads to, where else, the docks. Immersing himself in water once more, he is again met by Winter. This time, she’s brought a bottle of liquor, which Delaney gladly accepts. Sadly, it looks like that was a terrible idea. Delaney wakes up face down in the mud. Nothing out of the ordinary so far. Then, he find’s Winter’s dead body. She’s been cut open, much like one of his own victims. Did he, in his drunken state, kill and disembowel Winter? Or is this somehow part of the East India Company’s plot?The third-to-last episode of Taboo‘s first season finally gave us everything the show’s been hinting at since the beginning. It confirmed that, after using the first half of the season to set up its pieces, the back half will be spent knocking them down. Tom Hardy, as always, gave a frightening and captivating performance, but Oona Chaplin stole the show this week. From her very first scene with Lorna, you could tell Zilpha had come unhinged. As she progressed through the episode, her face told us more about her current state than any of her lines could. Chaplin’s performance made Zilpha a formidable force on the show. At this point, she’s almost scarier than her brother. That’s saying something.The Delaney vs. East India Company portion of the show also got much more interesting this week, thanks to the addition of George Chichester. He has just as much, if not more of, a reason to be angry about the fate of the Influence. And since he has the backing of the crown, he can go after the slave traders in the company. It seems like he and Delaney will have to meet at some point. I can’t wait to see what happens when they do.last_img read more

Marvel is coming to Disney Infinity in a big way

first_imgNearly two thirds of the Disney Infinity 2.0 presentation focused not so much on updates to the game itself, but to the first wave of super human characters you’ll be able to play within it. Marvel is coming to Disney Infinity in a big way, starting with The Avengers.Kicking off with an appearance from Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) and Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), and ending with a series of action scenes starring everyone’s favorite Avengers, it’s clear that the actual Disney Infinity 2.0 game update was not the biggest news of the day.Despite the focus on Marvel’s finest, Disney Infinity 2.0 includes new Toy Box games as well as backwards compatibility with everything in the first version of the game. Throw in Xbox One and PS4 support as well as a new skill tree system to make characters more complex, and you’ve got a health update to an initial version that felt incomplete when compared to games like Skylanders.The Avengers being added to the game means a large new city to play in as well as six starting characters. You’ll get all the classics, including Thor, Captain America, The Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Iron Man. The starter kit for the next version of the game, which comes out this fall, will include Avengers and access to the city. The larger city will allow enough space for flying and new vehicles, including the Mini Helicarrier and the Sky Cycle alongside Captain America’s motorcycle.Disney Infinity 2.0 is going to be available later this fall, with many more of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes added to the mix later on. VIEW PHOTO GALLERY Stark Tower Disney InfinityStark Tower Disney InfinityIron Man Disney InfinityThor Flying Disney InfinityCaptain America Disney InfinityCap Shield Disney InfinityHulk Jump Disney InfinityHulk Climb Disney InfinityDisney Infinity CombatCap Shield Power UpHawkeye Disney InfinityBlack Widow Disney InfinityScreenshot_2014-04-30-13-41-03Thor Skill TreeCaptain America Skill Treelast_img read more

HC adjourns by 1 day PIL seeking withdrawal of Wednesdays BJP bandh

first_imgKolkata: The Calcutta High Court Tuesday adjourned by a day the hearing of a PIL seeking direction to the BJP to withdraw its West Bengal bandh call on Wednesday to protest the killing of two students in North Dinajpur district. A division bench presided over by Acting Chief Justice Debasish Kar Gupta adjourned the hearing as lawyers from the other side were not present in the court owing to the death of a senior lawyer. Trinamool Congress MP Idris Ali, a practising lawyer, pleaded for a direction on his prayers in connection with the BJP-called bandh on Wednesday from 6 am. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal life The bench, also comprising Justice Sampa Sarkar, directed Ali to serve fresh notices on the BJP, RSS, West Bengal government and Union of India for appearing before the court on Wednesday. The saffron party has called a 12-hour Bengal bandh to protest the death of two students in a high school premises during a demonstration over appointment of teachers in Islampur area in North Dinajpur district. Challenging the bandh call, Ali submitted for petitioner All India Minority Forum general secretary M A Ali, that citizens could not be forcibly prevented from doing their daily work. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killed Idris Ali said the Kerala High Court had held that bandhs were illegal and unconstitutional and the order was upheld by the Supreme Court. The trouble had brewed at Daribhit High School in Islampur over the recruitment of Urdu and Sanskrit teachers as the protesting students said they needed Science and English teachers instead. The students and the locals had stopped two newly-recruited teachers, one for Urdu and another for Sanskrit, from entering the school on September 20 resulting in a clash. The BJP alleged that ITI student Rajesh Sarkar and third-year college student Tapas Barman were killed in police firing, but the police denied the claim. District Superintendent of Police Sumit Kumar has maintained that police did not resort to firing during the incident.last_img read more

Phage Before thatb

Phage. Before that.

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