VBSR Builds Bridge Between Vermont Businesses and College Students

first_imgVBSR Builds Bridge Between Vermont Businesses and College StudentsVermont Businesses for Social Responsibility (VBSR) announced that the Vermont Department of Labor has renewed a grant that funds a program to connect students approaching graduation from Vermont colleges and universities to exciting job opportunities with member companies. VBSRs Internship Program helps member businesses define intern positions and then finds qualified students who are interested in learning more about similar career positions. A recent survey of U.S. employers showed that 62% of college hires last year had held internships and that 31% of new college hires had come directly through an internship program.”We are thrilled to provide this bridge between talented college students who want to stay in Vermont and growing Vermont businesses who need talented young employees,” says Executive Director, Will Patten. “Thousands of students graduate from our colleges each year and go home because they dont know about all the career opportunities with our innovative new business community. This is a big win-win!”The initial grant from the Department of Labor, awarded in January of 2008, enabled VBSR to match 30 students with VBSR member businesses and organizations anticipating growth in the near future. This grant renewal will enable VBSR to focus on making 30 more matches in the year 2009 through relationships with Vermont institutes of higher learning.Businesses interested in creating opportunities for students, in exchange for finding valuable potential employee prospects, should get in touch with Tara Pfeiffer-Norrell by e-mailing TaraP@VBSR.org(link sends e-mail), or calling 802-862-8347.VBSR is a statewide business membership organization made up of 600 Vermont companies representing over 30,000 employees and $4.5 billion in annual sales. VBSR member companies are committed to VBSRs mission to foster a business ethic in Vermont that recognizes the opportunity and responsibility of the business community to set a high standard for protecting the natural, human and economic environments of our citizens.For more information contact Will Patten at VBSR at 802-862-8347 or WillP@VBSR.org(link sends e-mail)###last_img read more

Signs your relationship will not end with a marriage proposal.

first_img Sharing is caring! Share By Tiffany BaileyWe have all been in relationships that just weren’t going to progress into marriage. Besides having fun, dating is a process designed to find your soul mate. Sometimes the process of weeding through the duds can take time. When evaluating the future, you need to consider the standing in the relationship and the vibes your guy is giving you. Men aren’t always subtle creatures, and often times they drop hints about how they feel along the way. These are some signs that your relationship is destined to end without a marriage proposal.He stops using words like we/usThis is a huge sign that things are going south in your relationship. After being together for a while, you should be getting comfortable with one another. As a couple you should being using the words we/us to describe your partnership. When things start to change, you need to open up communication with him. If he sees things as his and yours instead of “ours,” marriage won’t be around the corner anytime soon. I watched as this happened to one of my best friends. The first year of their relationship went well. They used the us/we words for everything. About 18 months into living together, her boyfriend stopped using those words. His money was his, they stopped doing things as a couple, and he just didn’t care any longer. Needless to say, that scenario did not end with a marriage proposal.He avoids the marriage talkSometimes men have a fear of commitment. They have this vision that being married takes away your freedom and you become a different person. After a certain amount of time in a relationship, there should be a talk about marriage. If he is hesitant at first, you can put it off and try again in a few weeks or months. After a few times of trying, if he is still resistant, chances are he doesn’t feel like you are the one for him. I dealt with this in my first long-term relationship. I wanted so badly to marry him, but he wouldn’t even entertain the idea. Eventually, I took the hint and the relationship ended.You have been together an extended time with no progressEvery relationship has milestones. Your first kiss, the date you make love for the first time, your one-year anniversary, and when you move in together. Little girls often dream about the day their boyfriend asks for their hand in marriage. That is another step in your partnership that should follow suit with the others. If you have been together for an extended period of time and haven’t gotten a proposal, something is up. For me, a personal view on how long is too long, is about five years. In that time, you should know each other fairly well and be able to decide if you have a future together. Anything after that is a time waster and usually will not end up in marriage.Realistically, no one can be the judge for you when it comes down to whether or not he will marry you. Being sensible about what is actually happening between the two of you is important. If you are noticing this behavior, approach the subject with him. Wasting your time in a relationship that is going nowhere will only drive you crazy in the end.Yahoo Contributor Share 52 Views   no discussionscenter_img Share LifestyleRelationships Signs your relationship will not end with a marriage proposal. by: – August 6, 2011 Tweetlast_img read more

Security fear at Muslim Assoc

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The Muslim Association of Greece (MAG) is going to step up security at its premises in Athens after receiving a threatening letter last week, its president, Naim Elghandour, told Kathimerini on Tuesday.The letter, written on paper bearing the Golden Dawn symbol but not necessarily sent by the far-right party, warned Muslims to leave Greece or “from July 1 onwards those who are still here will be slaughtered like chickens on the road.”Elghandour said MAG would place CCTV cameras at its headquarters and rely on police to guard outside the building. He said the letter could be a hoax but the language used suggested it was written by an adult.“It is the first time there has been a threat against Muslims and not immigrants,” Elghandour said.last_img read more