Taking it one day at a time

first_imgUndefeated junior 400-metre hurdler Shannon Kalawan is taking her breakthrough season one day at a time, according to Edwin Allen Comprehensive High hurdles coach Kirk Douglas.In the weeks to come, Douglas will be helping Kalawan to improve, with the World Junior Championships her main target. Success at those meets would add to the ISSA Boys and Girls’ Championships and Carifta gold medals she has already collected.Asked to explain her progress from a personal best of 58.93 seconds to her Carifta Games winning time of 56.29, Douglas said: “I don’t think she has run a clean race yet, which we will work on at least for the World Juniors, hopefully.”Injury interrupted progressIn an exclusive interview, he noted that an injury interrupted her progress after she had been the runner-up at Champs 2014.”Last year, she started well, but she got hurt, and that’s what people don’t remember,” he recalled.A string of lifetime-best clockings – from 57.20 at Central Championships to 56.80 at Carifta Trials, to 56.41 at Champs – had observers wondering if Kalawan could also qualify for the Jamaican Olympic team.Douglas, once a star hurdler and coach at Kingston College, isn’t counting that out. “I don’t put it out of reach but we’re just going to take it one day at a time,” he said. “We have to look at these three weeks to Penns and then a six-week programme to the Junior Trials.”Kalawan is only 0.09 from the Olympic qualifying standard of 56.20 seconds.”Of course,” he concluded on the matter of the Olympics, “the thing there is two weeks later, so she can race again at the Senior Trials.”The National Junior Championships is set for June 18 and 19, with the four-day National Seniors starting on June 30.It’s a fair bet that the 18-year-old Edwin Allen student athlete will improve in alternating lead legs by then.”We’ve been working on using the ‘weak’ lead leg, if you can call it that,” he related. “So if you notice, she doesn’t really panic.”Kalawan has taken her new found success in her stride and according to Douglas, “has been a dream to coach all season just because of her attitude”.She is the latest in a long line of successful 400-metre hurdlers nurtured by head coach Michael Dyke and directed by Douglas.During his 13-year tenure as hurdles coach at Edwin Allen, the school has taken the Champs gold medal seven times through Sherene Pinnock, Nikita and Ristananna Tracey, Camira Haughton, and Kalawan. Pinnock, a two-time World Junior bronze medal winner, and Andrea Sutherland in 2006, and Nikita and Ristananna in 2009 and 2010, gave Dyke’s team one-two finishes at Champs.Ristananna has the Champs record at 55.81 seconds.last_img read more


first_imgPlace Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club1 149 15.03 Ciaran Doherty SM Letterkenny A C2 12 15.13 Keith Shiels M35 Foyle Valley 3 1 15.45 Pauric Mc Kinney SM Inishowen A C4 108 15.55 Dermot Brennan SM Finn Valley A C5 96 15.59 Oisin Gallen JM Finn Valley A C6 17 16.13 Mark Hoy SM Finn Valley A C 7 66 16.21 Ivan Toner SM Letterkenny A C8 78 16.39 James Speight SM Finn Valley A C9 2 16.46 Shane Mc Nulty M35 Finn Valley A C10 42 16.50 Andrew Friel SM Finn Valley A C11 148 16.51 Teresa Doherty SW Finn Valley A C 12 97 16.55 Noel Diver SM Rosses A.C.13 147 16.56 Benny Mullan M40 Inishowen A C14 31 17.01 Sean Dudgeon SM Lifford A C15 141 17.05 Martin Mooney SM Inishowen A C 16 14 17.07 Paul Kelly SM Lifford A C17 50 17.18 Jack Mc Bride JM Finn Valley A C18 56 17.22 Brian Mc Crea SM Finn Valley A C19 37 17.23 Colin Mc Nulty M35 Finn Valley A C20 3 17.45 Gerard Bogle M50 Finn Valley A C21 67 17.46 Padraig Friel SM Letterkenny A C22 45 17.55 Declan Donaghy JM Inishowen A C23 79 18.04 Paddy Penrose JM Finn Valley A C24 116 18.10 P.J. Boyce M40 Cranford A C25 62 18.12 Jude O’ Donnell M40 Individual26 36 18.17 Derek Callaghan M35 Finn Valley A C27 48 18.26 Alan Mc Ginley JM Lifford A C28 123 18.27 Pat Gallagher M40 Inishowen A C29 10 18.29 Clint Doherty M35 Individual14 September Page 1 of 6Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club30 15 18.30 Conor Mc Laughlin SM Lifford A C31 124 18.36 Finbar Gallagher M40 Inishowen A C32 82 18.37 Catriona Devine SW Finn Valley A C33 20 18.39 Dean Bonner SM Finn Valley A C34 138 18.40 Enda Mc Bride JM Letterkenny A C35 32 18.41 Tom Thompson M35 Finn Valley A C36 13 18.45 Helen Stockdale W50 Finn Valley A C37 158 18.49 Mark Connolly M50 Finn Valley A C38 163 18.50 Francis Gildea SM Individual39 27 18.50 Kieran Mc Elhinney SM Raphoe40 98 18.51 Eugene Gallen M40 Finn Valley A C41 139 18.53 Michael Gallagher M40 Finn Valley A C42 105 18.53 Thomas Farren M40 Inishowen A C43 140 18.57 Vinny Hegarty SM Inishowen A C44 134 18.58 Michael Penrose M40 Finn Valley A C45 58 19.01 Barry Chambers SM Finn Valley A C46 35 19.03 John Taylor M35 Individual47 162 19.26 Daniel Duggan SM Lifford A C48 21 19.27 Niall Bonner JM Finn Valley A C49 26 19.51 Catherine Dooher W35 Finn Valley A C50 151 19.58 Donal Haughey M50 Tír Chonaill A C51 87 20.05 Irene Mc Fadden W35 Letterkenny A C52 130 20.11 Peter Mc Meniman SM Individual53 5 20.15 Darren Ferry SM Individual54 122 20.18 Shauna Mc Geehin SW Letterkenny A C55 118 20.21 Gillian Marley JW Milford A C56 136 20.24 Eimear Gallen W40 Finn Valley A C57 89 20.25 Geradr Mc Connell SM Individual58 16 20.27 Evelyn Mc Ginley SW Inishowen A C59 142 20.30 James Boyle SM Individual60 117 20.36 Liam Marley M50 Cranford A C61 28 20.37 Sean O’ Leary M50 Finn Valley A C14 September Page 2 of 6Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club62 71 20.44 Niall Gallen SM Individual63 114 20.45 Garvan Boyce M40 Individual64 65 20.46 Jane Mc Ginley SW Letterkenny A C65 137 20.58 Brian Mc Bride M60 Letterkenny A C66 11 21.06 Shannon Mc Laughlin JW Finn Valley A C67 43 21.16 Damien Downey M40 Inishowen A C68 6 21.19 Dean Ferry SM Individual69 73 21.20 Sinean Kenny W40 Finn Valley A C70 109 21.27 Charmian O’ Brien SW Finn Valley A C71 128 21.28 Deirdre Diver SW Letterkenny A C72 39 21.33 Damien Murphy SM Raphoe73 23 21.34 Pat Mc Crudden M60 Finn Valley A C74 127 21.34 Henrietta Elves W40 Inishowen A C75 24 21.36 Mary Hippsley W40 Finn Valley A C76 93 21.38 Declan Mc Grory M35 Individual77 60 21.40 Serena Mc Daid W35 Letterkenny A C78 153 21.41 Andrew Doherty SM Individual79 70 21.43 Sean Mc Menamin M50 Individual80 53 21.45 Michelle Hunter SW Finn Valley A C81 81 21.46 Noreen Bonner W50 Finn Valley A C82 110 22.09 Eamonn Gilligan SM Individual83 54 22.12 John Keenan SM Individual84 112 22.13 John Hughes M50 Individual85 135 22.19 Laura Lee Penrose JW Finn Valley A C86 131 22.20 Jimmy Mc Bride M60 Individual87 88 22.39 Margaret Shiels W40 Letterkenny A C88 57 22.46 Samantha Wilkinson W40 Finn Valley A C89 25 22.47 Eugene Mc Ginley M50 Raphoe90 121 22.48 Shaun O’ Donnell M50 Lifford A C91 92 22.49 Jarlaith Mc Ginley JM Individual92 91 22.49 Eugene Mc Ginley M40 Individual93 129 22.52 Paddy Toye M40 Individual14 September Page 3 of 6Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club94 157 22.55 Joanne Mc Colgan W35 Inishowen A C95 126 23.16 Don Smith M50 Convoy96 49 23.39 Dean Harvey JM Individual97 40 23.41 Terence Quinn M50 Raphoe98 86 23.49 Clara Carroll SW Finn Valley A C99 156 23.52 Damien Doherty SM Individual100 113 23.53 Eamonn Bonner M40 Individual101 63 24.06 Linda Mc Daid SW Inishowen A C102 143 24.10 Jackie Harvey W50 Tír Chonaill A C103 132 24.15 Denise Mc Grahern W40 Finn Valley A C104 75 24.19 Caroline Mc Nulty SW Finn Valley A C105 85 24.20 Joanne Campbell SW Finn Valley A C106 111 24.24 Catriona Gilligan SW Finn Valley A C107 100 24.47 Marie Mc Colgan W40 Finn Valley A C108 84 25.08 Eloise Carlin JW Finn Valley A C109 74 25.12 Elin Gallen JW Finn Valley A C110 120 25.15 Mark Gildea SM Individual111 4 25.22 Paula Jansen SW Finn Valley A C112 59 25.28 Amanda Mc Grath SW Letterkenny A C113 61 25.53 Olivia Gillen SW Convoy114 115 25.55 Jim Hynes M60 Finn Valley A C115 18 25.56 Lauren Taylor JW Finn Valley A C116 80 26.06 Stephaine Rushe SW Finn Valley A C117 95 26.09 Kayleigh Smith SW Convoy118 38 26.40 Benny Sweeney M40 Convoy119 155 26.45 Mary Martin W60 Finn Valley A C120 7 26.56 Martin Mc Donagh SM Individual121 64 27.09 Dessie Kearney SM Inishowen A C122 106 27.15 Shaun Gormley SM Individual123 52 27.19 Mary Harper W40 Convoy124 44 27.19 Michelle Donaghy W40 Inishowen A C125 41 27.42 Paula O’ Donnell W40 Convoy14 September Page 4 of 6Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club126 19 27.55 Kay Bonner W35 Convoy127 51 28.21 Fionnuala Mc Bride W40 Individual128 119 28.28 Jimmy Gildea M60 Letterkenny A C129 33 28.41 Dolina Laird SW Convoy130 125 28.41 Grainne Greene SW Convoy131 150 28.49 Shaun Bonner SM Convoy132 55 28.54 Selina Russell SW Finn Valley A C133 104 28.58 Aishlen Temple SW Individual134 99 29.01 Rosemary Monaghan SW Inishowen A C135 30 29.27 Marie Bonner SW Individual136 90 29.39 Kevin Mc Hugh M60 Individual137 146 29.41 William Bonner SM Individual138 68 30.16 Hugo Maguire M50 Individual139 72 30.16 Betty Gallen W60 Finn Valley A C140 76 30.19 Tanya Hall SW Convoy141 77 30.32 Margaret Callan SW Convoy142 94 32.27 Collette Ward W40 Individual143 83 32.33 Caroline Catterson SW Individual144 102 36.13 Jason Patton JM Individual145 152 36.29 Denise Mc Elwaine SW Finn Valley A C146 133 37.26 Deirdre Hegarty W40 Individual147 69 38.34 Louise Cullen W35 Convoy148 159 41.38 Deirdre Hegarty SW Individual149 161 41.43 Paul Hegarty SM Individual150 103 44.38 Dina Patton JW Individual151 34 44.48 Mandy Woods SW Convoy152 9 45.25 Catroina Gratham W35 Individual153 101 45.25 Julie Patton W40 Individual154 8 45.46 Lucia Dunleavey W35 Individual155 164 45.46 Carmel Bonner SW Individual156 47 46.30 Eimear Bonner JW Individual157 46 46.50 Eunice Bonner W35 Individual14 September Page 5 of 6Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club158 22 47.13 Nicola Bonner JW Finn Valley A C159 160 47.26 Rachel Hegarty SW Individual160 107 48.18 Eileen O’ Donnell SW Individual161 144 48.20 Pearl Doherty SW Individual162 154 48.58 Sarah Mc Grath SW Individual163 145 49.50 Noel Doherty SM Individual164 29 50.05 Joe Bonner SM IndividualTotal Runners: 16414 September Page 6 of 6SHANE BONNER MEMORIAL 5K RESULTS – WHERE DID YOU COME? was last modified: September 14th, 2014 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:donegalShane Bonner Memorial 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