Cheus annae, new genus, new species (Cheidae, new family), a fossorial amphipod from the Falkland Islands

first_imgCheus annae, new genus, new species, is described and figured. Comparisons with the Phoxocephalidae, Urothoidae, Platyischnopidae, Haustoriidae, and Pontoporeiidae show many characters in common, particularly with the first three families. The combination of a hoodlike rostrum with a presumed glandular apex, and low morphological diversification of peraeopods 5-7 requires the erection of a new family, the Cheidae.last_img

Implementing a Southern Ocean Observing System

first_imgThe Southern Ocean is fundamental to the operation of the Earth system. It is the central connection among the major ocean basins and between the upper and lower layers of the global ocean circulation. It influences global climate and planetary-scale biogeochemical cycles, because the Southern Ocean accounts for half of the annual ocean uptake of anthropogenic carbon from the atmosphere [Rintoul et al., 2001; Le Quéré et al., 2007; Meredith et al., 2012]. The Southern Ocean also supplies nutrients that fertilize the majority of global ocean biological productivity north of 30°S [Sarmiento et al., 2004].last_img

Adjunct Faculty-Beverage Management

first_imgDay, EveningMinimum Qualifications A Master’s Degree in an appropriate discipline is required. Relatedwork experience required. Community college and/or postsecondaryteaching experience is preferred. Knowledge and/or experience inlearning technologies preferred.Supplemental Information Please attach resume and cover letter indicating reference numberand a copy of your transcripts.Also indicate day or evening availability.Mary-Pat Maciolek, Chair732-906-2538last_img


first_img37, of Bayonne, died on June 4, 2017. He was born on November 4, 1979 in Jersey City. John was a father, son, grandson, uncle and friend. He was an employee at Preferred Freezer Services. He will be missed by his mother Alma Agaman (nee: Martin). His Nana, Grace Martin. His children, Justin, Justice, Jaden and Lilly. His siblings, Grace, Vincent, Mark, and Laurie. His sister-in-law, Janeen. His brothers-in-law, Ronnie “Boss” Bhimdass and Raymond Chandler. He is also survived by many aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins. He is predeceased by his father, Vincent Agaman and brother, Patrick Agaman. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Sharing Network and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Funeral arrangements by GREENVILLE MEMORIAL HOME, 374 Danforth Ave., Jersey City.last_img read more

NA blasts report on supermarket power

first_imgThe National Association of Master Bakers (NA) has slammed the Competition Commission’s report into supermarket power, accusing it of having “no concerns or interests about the viability of the high street or town centres”.NA Parliamentary officer Chris Dabner said the report, which recommends planning changes that encourage more out-of-town supermarkets, could have a devastating effect on retail bakers.”There doesn’t seem to be anything in this report to help maintain business activity in town centres and high streets,” he said. “If you build more out-of-town stores, people will inevitably be drawn to them, and that will have an effect on businesses in small towns.”He added that the narrow remit of the study mitigated against findings that would benefit small businesses, with the focus instead on increasing the amount of competition between existing supermarkets by allowing a bigger variety to be built in any one area.The number of supermarkets in the UK grew by approximately 4% between 2000 and 2006, from 6,302 to 6,585. Sainsbury’s and Tesco have also stepped up their convenience store presence, with 60% now housing in-store bakeries or bake-off offerings.l See news analysis pgs 14-15.last_img read more

Peter’s slices up market

first_imgPeter’s Food is targeting a younger market with a new line of slices. These will form part of Peter’s Premier Range, which includes pies, pasties and sausage rolls. The slices come in eight different varieties: Spicy Chicken Fajita using Discovery seasoning, Ham and Pilgrim’s Choice Cheese, Chicken and Mushroom, Chicken Tikka, Chilli Beef, Cheesy Bean and Sausage, Steak and Peppered Steak. The range was launched in Tesco stores across Wales, as well as several convenience stores and independent retailers across England and Wales last

Baker Boys snaps up Cake Bake

first_imgWalsall-based Baker Boys has purchased the business and assets of The Cake Bake Company for an undisclosed sum.The Cake Bake Company was put up for sale by insolvency practitioners SFP, after it went into administration last month. The Kent-based firm, which made the life-sized cake for the recent Skoda TV advert, supplies own-brand cakes and had a reported turnover of £918,000 in the year to 31 March 2011.Baker Boys produces baked goods such as muffins, cookies and donuts, which it supplies to outlets such as convenience stores and sandwich bars.The Cake Bake Company will trade under the Baker Boys name, but it will continue to use the Cake Bake branding for marketing purposes, said Hardial Sanga, of Baker Boys. He added that the acquisition will give Baker Boys “an even larger presence in the market”, and it hopes to keep on all the existing staff previously employed at The Cake Bake Company.last_img read more

John Mayer Leaves Katy Perry For Donna Jean Godchaux

first_imgCiting his newfound role in the Grateful Dead universe, guitarist John Mayer has officially announced a split from singer Katy Perry to pursue a relationship with the band’s former singer, Donna Jean Godchaux. According to an announcement from Mayer’s representatives, Perry was distancing herself from Mayer’s new “wook-like” lifestyle, so the guitarist decided to cut ties and immerse himself more into the culture.“Once I got into the Grateful Dead’s music, I started really exploring the culture. It was then that I met Donna, and one thing led to another…” said Mayer in a statement. “I feel bad for Katy Perry in a way, she could never really hit the vocals right in ‘Playin’ In The Band.’”Mayer wanted to bring Godchaux on tour with Dead & Company this summer, but Bob Weir said no. “I’m happy for Johnny, but she hasn’t toured with us in over 30 years. It wouldn’t be right.”Meanwhile, Deadheads are convinced that Mayer is seeing Godchaux in hopes of becoming a full fledged member of the Grateful Dead. Even though Godchaux is currently married, excerpts from Bill Kreutzmann’s recent autobiography suggested that her marital status never stood in the way during her tenure with the band. We wish all the best for Mayer on his newfound romance and on the upcoming tour with Dead & Company.[Via April Fools!]last_img read more

Dell EMC World 2016: A Look Back

first_imgThe first Dell EMC World concluded last week. The level of enthusiasm and excitement in the hallways was truly overwhelming. After only six weeks operating as one combined company, we made an incredibly fast and strong start by announcing a wave of new products and solutions that combine industry-leading technologies from the Dell Technologies family.The announcements, keynotes, breakout sessions, and our customer, partner and influencer conversations all centered on Digital and IT Transformation. It’s now common knowledge that all industries are facing digital disruption as technology rapidly changes the way we work and live. With this tremendous digital opportunity comes a “digital fear” as organizations wrestle with how to drive opportunity, participate and succeed in a new digital era. Every type and sized organization in every industry is feeling pressure to become a digital enterprise.This is demonstrated in a recent Dell Technologies study, in which nearly half of global business leaders from mid-size to large enterprises confessed to being unclear about what their industry would look like in three years. These leaders also believed that moving toward a cloud model, expanding software development capabilities and enabling faster innovation and deeper insights from data will be crucial to achieving digital transformation. There was also a revelation that the majority of organizations are struggling to evolve their data centers, with 69% saying they are being held back by too many traditional applications. They also face the challenge of reducing sprawl and spend, while bringing systems up-to-date.How did the IT industry find itself in this position? And, what comes next?Everything in IT is accelerating exponentially. Moore’s Law continues to hold true, as technology capabilities advance 10X every 5 years. That means that fifteen years ago, everything was 1000X slower than it is today. During this client-server era, IT focused on automating the back office, middle office and end users. IT systems-of-record were implemented with an emphasis on process, efficiency and reliability. Also, most of IT’s time was spent on implementing packaged traditional applications, instead of writing software.Now, fast forward 15 years from today and you can expect to see technology capabilities to advance another 1000X. The implication will create a dramatically different era of IT. The Internet-of-Everything is quickly leading us down the path to IT-enabled businesses and economies.There’s another profound shift happening: IT will move from supporting the business, to becoming the business.Technology will be inherent in every part of the business. There will be a shift beyond systems of record, to systems of engagement and systems of insight that are focused on using IT Innovation for building new products, offerings and services.  With this shift comes a renewed desire and requirement to write software that will lead to differentiating from – or displacing – competition. The ability to differentiate with software will continue to create winners and losers in every industry.Most of my conversations with customers focus on how IT can affect and afford transformation.The client-server era of spending has peaked at $2.7 trillion, according to analyst estimates. This was spent on traditional client-server applications that run today’s businesses, the traditional applications that are not going away any time soon.As IT budgets are not growing exponentially, IT must focus on optimizing traditional applications and infrastructure to run traditional enterprise applications, like SAP and Oracle, more efficiently. By taking cost out of traditional IT, new digital initiatives may be funded more easily.These new digital initiatives will be powered by cloud-native applications. The characteristics of these cloud-native applications are radically different in every way. They’re stateless, distributed and scale-out in nature, with resiliency built into the application, leveraging a DevOps development process. In addition, these applications have 1,000 more users per application, with each user generating 1,000X more data, leading to data sets that can be 1 million times larger than traditional environments.For IT this presents a dual challenge: accelerate digital transformation to support the requirements of new cloud-native applications, while supporting the traditional applications that run today’s business. IT must be an expert and thought leader in both distinct architectural and operational paradigms.The clearest path forward to transform IT and solve for this dual challenge is through a hybrid cloud strategy, which we believe will leverage multiple hybrid clouds.The first move to achieve this is to modernize the data center. Technology tenets like scale-out, flash, software-defined, and cloud-enabled are fundamental to a modern data center.Once a modern data center and its infrastructure have been established, the next step is to automate. Enabling a frictionless and self-service environment allows organizations to scale an operation and maintain reliability.And finally, transform to an IT-as-a-Service model.Dell EMC is committed to innovating so that customers have the infrastructure needed to transform, while juggling an increasingly diverse set of priorities.Let the transformation begin…last_img read more

Irish Green rally draws 20,000; 9 arrested at game

first_img “The numbers were off the charts,” Seamon said. “Everyone is excited about Coach Kelly and the team, and we really want to capitalize on that excitement.” Overall, the weekend ran smoothly despite rain on Saturday, and students and fans showed up under the blue skies on Friday for the pep rally at Irish Green, Seamon said.  Most of the fans removed from the Stadium were targeted for impairment or possession of alcohol, Johnson said.  Saturday’s crowd generally arrived later because of rain earlier in the day, but the rivalry still brought about 10,000 more fans to campus than the Purdue game the previous weekend, he said. “The pep rally to our best guess was well over 23,000 people,” Seamon said. Seamon said the tunnel into the Stadium was open to the public again Friday, and more than 4,200 fans entered through the gates to see the field.  “Police made two arrests on campus outside of the Stadium,” he said. “Both arrests were for public intoxication, and additional charges of minor consuming and resisting law enforcement were requested against one of the subjects.”center_img Pedal cabs and golf carts provided campus transportation for fans again Saturday. Due to rain, the pedal cabs were not available Saturday morning but ran over 240 rides during the afternoon, and fans are taking advantage of the golf carts as well, Seamon said.  “We did about 1,100 golf cart rides Friday and Saturday,” Seamon said. Damp weather did not prevent nearly 110,000 fans from heading to campus Saturday for the football game against rival Michigan, Director of Game Day Operations Mike Seamon said.  Seamon said between 3,000 and 3,500 undergraduates participated in the student walkover and the rally, and Game Day Operations gave away 2,500 thundersticks to members of the student body.  Notre Dame Security Police (NDSP) arrested nine people in total and removed 63 people from the Stadium, NDSP Director Phil Johnson said.last_img read more