ADM to reduce ethanol grind in response to market conditions

first_imgAs part of this process, ADM is temporarily idling ethanol production at the company’s corn dry mill facilities in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Columbus, Nebraska ADM has reduced the ethanol grind at its corn wet mill plants and rebalanced grind to produce more industrial alcohol for the sanitizer market. (Credit: Frauke Feind/Pixabay.) Due to the challenging operating environment, ADM (NYSE: ADM) is currently managing ethanol production throughout its U.S. corn processing network to focus on cash flows and to divert corn grind to other products that are in higher demand, such as alcohol for hand sanitizer.As part of this process, ADM is temporarily idling ethanol production at the company’s corn dry mill facilities in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Columbus, Nebraska. ADM notified approximately 90 employees in each facility today that they will be furloughed in the coming weeks. During the furlough, employees will continue to receive medical benefits and will be eligible to apply for state and federal unemployment benefits. They will also have the option to apply for other open positions at ADM. The anticipated length of the furlough is currently four months, but the timeframe is dependent on market conditions and could change.ADM has also reduced the ethanol grind at its corn wet mill plants and rebalanced grind to produce more industrial alcohol for the sanitizer market and industrial starches for the containerboard market to better align production with current demand.“These are very difficult decisions in a very challenging time, and unfortunately, the current market conditions and the low consumer demand for gasoline at this time have greatly impacted the entire ethanol industry,” said Chris Cuddy, president, Carbohydrate Solutions. “Our primary focus is the respect and care of our employees during this time, and we are doing everything we can to support them until market conditions improve and we can look at ways to restart production.” Source: Company Press Releaselast_img read more

LCS design modifications drag Austal’s earnings down

first_img LCS design modifications drag Austal’s earnings down View post tag: US Navy Authorities Austal is expecting to book losses of around US$115 million as it underestimated the level of modifications the U.S. Navy littoral combat ships need to undergo to pass the U.S. Navy’s shock trials.The Australian shipbuilder previously experienced ongoing schedule and margin pressure on the LCS program following delivery of LCS 6 in August 2015, which was Austal’s first as prime contractor.Preliminary results from the first two physical shock trials of LCS 6 which were undertaken in June 2016, determined that Austal would have to define a revised baseline design for a shock rated vessel built to US Naval Vessel Rules.Costs associated with the modification will be shared with the U.S. Navy on a 50:50 basis up to a ceiling price per the LCS contract structure, the company said.Shares in Austal dropped by as much as 22.5 per cent, to a two-year low, following the company’s announcement on July 4.“Shock tests” are a contractual obligation that requires the ship to survive the effects of a local explosive blast. The LCS is the first aluminium trimaran in the world to undergo such an analysis and test, Austal noted. The test regime qualifies the vessel’s entire class and no further shock trials are expected for subsequent vessels. View post tag: LCS Share this article View post tag: Austal July 4, 2016 Back to overview,Home naval-today LCS design modifications drag Austal’s earnings down last_img read more

Sandwich forum

first_imgBA: In the morning, Upper Crust serves a breakfast menu which includes soft bake rolls. This then changes to its lunchtime offering, which includes pizza baguettes and ’Great British Roast’ baguettes.MY: We have a range of breakfast baguettes and breakfast butties which are prepared for the early morning trade. Sandwiches, baguettes and paninis sell well during the day and the hot panini range is popular in the early evening. We do provide our stores with a guide on which products suit which particular part of the day.EL: Caffè Ritazza has a breakfast menu that focuses on savoury items such as English muffins and baguettes, plus pastries. This then switches to ciabattas, mezzalunas, baguettes and pre-packed sandwich range at dinner.AV: Availability is key when selling sandwiches and savouries. They are purchased throughout the day – not just at lunchtime – so the best selling SKUs must always be on sale.FP: The same range is available all day, but a lot can be made up fresh to order and items such as hot filled rolls, bacon, egg, sausage are in greater demand early in the day.—-=== Industry bread-heads ===Britta Ashu [BA], brand manager, Upper CrustMichele Young [MY], retail and brands director, BB’s Coffee and MuffinsEmilie Laroche [EL], brand manager, Caffè RitazzaAndy Valentine [AV], head of brand marketing, GinstersFiona Phillips [FP], development director, Auldslast_img read more

Businesses warned to act fast on riot damage insurance

first_imgBusinesses that have suffered damage from rioting must act quickly or risk not being able to recover their losses, city law firm Reynolds Porter Chamberlain LLP has warned.It said insurance companies can claim damages from the police for riots under the Riots (Damages) Act 1886, but claims must normally be lodged with police within 14 days of the damage occurring.RPC says that means that most insurers require claims for riot damage to be notified within a very short period – typically seven days – otherwise the claim may be rejected.The insurer can then make a claim in the policy-holder’s name against the police to recover their losses.Businesses that have suffered riot damage that do not have property insurance can also make a claim to recover their losses directly from the police under the Riots (Damages) Act.last_img read more

Laura Ashley The Tea Room adds brunch menu

first_imgLaura Ashley The Tea Room in Solihull has launched a new  brunch menu to sit alongside its traditional afternoon tea.The new brunch dishes will be available from 10am until 1pm and include a savoury breakfast muffin, French toast, Welsh rarebit, Eggs Benedict, Royale or Florentine, and avocado on toast.It has options for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free and lactose-free diets and is priced from £4.“The local dining scene has seen a huge increase in demand for brunch. It’s the perfect opportunity for friends and family to gather and enjoy together,” said Nigel Cooke, head chef at Laura Ashley The Tea Room Solihull.“We are very excited to be one of the first tea rooms in the West Midlands to offer brunch, as well as traditional afternoon tea.”The tea room has also introduced Birchall Tea iced tea to the drinks menu ahead of the summer months, available in peppermint, lemongrass & ginger, Earl Grey & lime, Darjeeling & peach and red berry flavours.Laura Ashley The Team Room also has stores at Burnham Beeches, Coventry and Highbullen.last_img read more

School of Hard Rocks

first_imgA rookie rock climber gets schooled at Seneca Rocks.There’s a green ammunition can tucked into a crevice at the top of a mountain in West Virginia. Open it and you’ll find a log book, where climbers write things like “AMAZING” in all-caps. There’s also a warm bottle of beer, some sunscreen, a condom, a matchbox car. If you want to write a note in the log book or leave something cool, like an action figure, you have to climb the South Peak of Seneca Rocks, a fin of rock that rises 900 feet from a ridge inside the Monongahela National Forest. It’s not an impossible task—there are much harder climbs in the South, but nothing with the same sense of character. The South Peak is the only mountain east of the Mississippi that you can only summit via a technical rock climb. The only way up is sheer, vertical rock that hangs over the North Fork River valley. The exposure from South Peak can induce vertigo instantly, and yet, thanks to the diversity of mild routes and professionalism at Seneca Rocks Climbing School, there is no better place for a would-be climber to learn multi-pitch traditional skills in the South. You just have to work up the nerve to climb.Seneca Rocks is intimidating even from the valley floor. The crag has a Western look to it, with two big walls of gray sandstone reaching into the thin, misty clouds most mornings. A trail leads to the top of the North Peak of Seneca, but a deep notch separates the North Peak from the South Peak. The cliff is so unlike anything else you’ll see in the Southern Appalachians, it looks cartoonish—like the kind of mountain peaks Dr. Seuss might have drawn. Distinct knobs and arêtes give the cliff a jagged, fin-like appearance.“What that is, is the exposed back of a monster. When the real end of the world comes, that monster is going to rise up so big, it’ll make a Cracken look like an ant.”This is Bob, a recently retired UPS driver who’s been climbing Seneca for more than 30 years. I’ve just met Bob, but in less than four minutes, he’s convinced me that climbing Seneca is one of the few things a man can truly be proud of. He’s also convinced me I’m completely out of my league.We’re sitting at opposing tables on the front porch of the only restaurant in unincorporated Seneca Rocks, an outpost with half a dozen buildings at a crossroads inside the Monongahela National Forest.Bob is three beers into the night and keeps telling me things like, “Seneca is so steep, it doesn’t even get wet when it rains,” and “there are 5.2s on Seneca that make me nervous.”There’s some truth to this last statement. Most climbers agree that the majority of routes at Seneca have sandbagged grades, so a 5.4 at Seneca might be rated a 5.7 somewhere else. Seneca is so old, a majority of the easier routes on this cliff were established in the early ‘40s, when 5.10 was the hardest conceivable route. The 5.2 grade given to Old Man’s route, a four-pitch route that traverses the west face of South Peak to the summit, had more weight.“I climb 5.12 in the gym, but I get sketched out on some 5.4’s at Seneca,” says Jimmy, Bob’s climbing partner.Awesome.But this is why Seneca Rocks Climbing School exists: to translate the myth of Seneca and churn out legitimate rock climbers. Like thousands before me, I’ve signed up for the school’s “Gym to Crag” course, a two-day intensive camp designed to take climbers with decent movement skills and turn them into competent, thoughtful trad climbers.Seneca Rocks Climbing SchoolClimbers gather on the porch of the Seneca Rocks Climbing School after a day on the rock.J.LO’S NOSESeneca Rocks Climbing School is located in a small, one-story building attached to the back of the Gendarme, Seneca’s oldest climbing shop. The two businesses are owned by the same family and run by the same handful of young guides. The school has set the standard for climbing instruction on the East Coast for more than 35 years. During the ‘70s, the shop and school were operated out of the back of a Volkswagen bus, so the humble retail and teaching space seem downright spacious considering.Massey Teel is the head instructor and guide. He’s barely 30 and has the wiry build of a runner. He’s been with Seneca for six seasons, but grew up on a 300-acre family farm near Charlottesville, Va. and still goes home to tinker with projects like growing hops. During the fall, he guides trips in Red Rocks, Nevada. In the Winter, he runs the adaptive skiing program at Virginia’s Wintergreen Resort. He is a rarity in the South: a professional guide.“If I could guide until I’m 50, I’d be happy,” he tells me during our approach to the crag on the first day of the course. He’s using the term “guide” loosely. He’s more of an instructor than a guide.“If someone just wants us to guide them up the summit, we’ll do it,” Teel says. “But I’d rather spend my time teaching that person how to really climb.”There’s plenty of action in the Gym to Crag course, but the two days are also loaded with materials lessons, mock multi-pitch scenarios, anchor-building pop quizzes, and knot-tying homework.We hump our way up the Stair Master, a series of boulder steps that rise from Seneca Creek to base of the South Peak. Teel carries 35 pounds of trad gear in his oversized pack and lets me get away with just a few carabiners and the rope.We drop our gear on the Luncheon Ledge, a six-foot-wide belay station at the base of some easy top-rope climbs. This is the school’s choice location for “Ground School.” Two other guides are there, working students through the same Gym to Crag curriculum. A father and two teenage sons are busy learning the terminology and gear associated with traditional climbing.Most beginners start in a gym, then dabble with top-roping with climber friends. It’s a fine pastime, but if you want to climb well in the Southern Appalachians, you have to learn the art of traditional climbing, where the lead climber sets temporary protection in cracks along the route, and the second climber cleans the protection from the rock. The climbing team moves up the wall, pitch after pitch, taking turns belaying and climbing. It is a symbiotic relationship unlike any other in the sport. Every decision the lead makes directly affects the second, and vice versa.Teel explains the subtleties in the necklace of nuts, caribiners, and spring-loaded cams that he organizes meticulously on his harness. The lesson? Presentation is everything. How you organize your gear, how you coil a rope–it shows other climbers that you know what you’re doing and can be trusted.I fumble with the little things, like taking carabiners off the gear loops of my harness. Tying the standard figure eight knot is like a puzzle I can’t solve.There are half-a-dozen climbers on the South Peak, spread out between 150 routes. On a busy weekend, you might wait in line to knock out some of the more popular climbs, but Seneca doesn’t see the mass of climbers it saw during its heyday.In the early ‘90s, Seneca Rocks was one of the hottest climbing destinations in the East. Superstars put up hard routes until there wasn’t room for further development. So they moved to the New River Gorge in the late 90s. When a bolting ban constricted route setting in the New, they moved to the Red River Gorge, in Kentucky. Seneca is still well respected, but no longer enjoys the “it crag” status.If you look at Seneca on paper, it can’t compare with crags like the New River Gorge. Seneca has 350 routes. The New has 2,000 and counting. But the New is dominated by single pitch routes, whereas Seneca is fraught with long, multi-pitch climbs that rise hundreds of feet. There are taller cliffs, like the 1,200-foot granite face of Laurel Knob in North Carolina, but the granite in North Carolina tends to slope, so you can only see one pitch below you. Not so, in Seneca.“As far as exposure, Seneca kills it in the East. There’s nothing with this sort of explore,” Teel tells me as we scramble around the edge of the South Peak to the east face of the wall. “It has these incredible arêtes with a lot of air below.”Lizards scatter as we move across the rocks, scrambling to the east face of the South Peak. You can hear cicadas tearing up the valley below us, sending loud, repetitive screeches through the mountains and gaps.We climb the three pitch Up and Coming (5.4), which has a couple of sketchy stem moves for the crux on the first pitch. I like having to clean the gear as I move up the rock. It gives me something to think about other than the fact that I’m 600 feet above the ground.The third pitch leads us up Humphrey’s Head, a singular arête along the lower ridge of the South Peak. Climbers call the last pitch “picking the nose,” because if you’re watching from the valley, it looks like the climber is ascending into Humphrey’s nose.Teel says the profile of the rock we’re climbing looks like J Lo from the valley floor.Standing on top of Humphrey’s Head, we look down on turkey vultures circling near the cliffs below us.Day one ends with homework: I fall asleep in my tent working on my knots with a piece of practice rope.THE SOUTH PEAK CAMPAIGN“The higher we go, the more loose rock we’ll encounter,” Teel tells me as we climb the Stair Master on the morning of day two. He’s describing the four-pitch climb we’ll take up the west face to the summit. “Always remember this is a cliff. And big things fall off of cliffs.”We start on Prune (5.5), with a tough laid back move up a wide crack. It’s physically demanding, but low enough to the ground that it’s not psychologically troubling. After Prune, we traverse a short ledge to Front C (5.6), the toughest pitch of the day. The heart of the route follows a crack in the corner of the wall for 30 feet. At the crux, you have to set your feet wide, spanning the width of the corner, while you jam your hands into the ever-widening crack for purchase. At one point, I have to stick my whole left forearm into the crack and squeeze, pulling my body up to the next foothold.The final pitch, Le Gourmet (5.4), is up a chimney that gets thinner until it delivers you onto an arête that you follow into thin air just short of the summit. The moves are simple, but the exposure is mind-numbing. From the top of Le Gourmet, Teel wraps the rope around his own waist to create a simple body belay as I down-climb a cliff to the narrow South Ridge, then we scramble along bright white quartzite to the true summit, where the ammo can waits.From the top, you can see the razor-thin fin of rock running to the north and south. The valley rolls away below us before rising into dark green mountains in all directions. In 1939, it took the first group of climbers two full days of climbing to stand on top of Seneca Rocks. It was a legitimate summit campaign. It still is.“Seneca is a mini-alpine environment where you can learn all these great summit-specific skills–down climbing, scrambling, body belaying–that you can apply in bigger environments,” Teel says. And you don’t have to be a superstar to enjoy it. “You can come up here, climb a 5.2, and have a true alpine adventure.”web extra!Learn how to open a beer with a carabiner from Seneca Rocks Climbing School.Ever wonder which Colleges are the most outdoorsy along the East Coast? We did too so we made a guide!last_img read more

Alleged Rapist Fathered Nine Children With Daughter, DNA Test Confirms

first_img A 62-year-old man fathered nine children by raping his own daughter for more than thirty years, according to authorities in Argentina. “I felt for 30 years that I was worse than a prisoner,” Elvira Gomez, 43, told Argentine newspaper Clarin Friday. Elvira’s father, Armando Gomez, faces up to 20 years in prison on charges of aggravated sexual abuse with a relative. Gomez denies the charges. “The suspect is maintaining his innocence but the DNA tests have confirmed his paternity,” investigating judge Virgilio Palud said Wednesday. Police arrested Armando at his home in Molinos Nicanor in June on suspicion of stealing cattle, Clarin reported. Elvira reported the alleged abuse to authorities in Santa Fe six days later. “He always had a loaded gun,” she told Clarin. Authorities found a homemade shotgun during the arrest. “He said, ‘I’m going to go to prison, but I’m going to kill you first.'” “Since I was a girl, he beat me with whatever he had on hand: a rod or a machete that cut me up,” she said. Paternity tests confirmed Armando as the father of Elvira’s youngest nine children, but the eldest killed himself a day before his eighteenth birthday. “He had found a letter explaining all of it – he had learned that his grandfather was his father,” Elvira told Clarin. “At the time I said nothing.” “I never suspected anything,” Germain Gomez, 20, told Clarin. “He was always my grandfather until we got the news…I was working on a dairy farm in Cordoba when I heard.” Family life in the Gomez home during years of continuing abuse, Elvira said. “My relationship with my children was never good, because they suffered when he abused me. And they were also punished. Nicholas (my son of 23 years)…could not stand that he hit me and afterwards came to defend me. For that, he was given scars and bruises on his hands, arms, head and back,” she told LaCapital. Elvira was almost two when her mother died, she said – and she blames her father. “I was one year and eight months, and nothing can change my mind that he did something to her,” she told Clarin. “He was a very bad man.” Armando’s relatives have denied the charges and pressured her to lie about the case, Elvira said, but the DNA tests have vindicated her story. “Now I am also against my sister,” she said to LaCapital. “She told me that my father had also abused her, but later denied it before the judge and portrayed me as a liar. Something similar happened when my uncle asked me to lie before the judge and to take the blame.” “He [Armando] denied everything and said I denounced him because I wanted to…but then the results of the eight DNA analyses came. This confirmed that they are his children, but he continued to deny his responsibility.” “But I’m doing something. I have to tell what happened and how I lived.” she said. By Dialogo December 03, 2010 This is horrific, they should have reported that man years ago and not let someone suffer so much. This is the fault of the family that lets men like this do what they want and are not held accountable. This man is so discusting; to abuse his daughter but women should not keep silent but this abusive guy should be given the death penalty for being a rapist and for the mistreatment of his own daughter. This man deserves the worst treatment in prison. This father deserves the biggest punishment on Earth and I don’t know why she didn’t report him sooner or why the children waited so long; or is it because the laws in their country didn’t offer protection. God bless the family and all of those daughters that are orphaned. Twenty years in prison is nothing for what this monster did, he won’t live long enough to pay for what he did, he will need a few reincarnations…my question? How is it that a neighbor, relative or friend didn’t notice what was obviously happening, if she didn’t have a husband who was impregnating her? Congratulations to that courageous woman. As for the monster and his accomplices, it’s not enough. last_img read more

Colombian Navy Seizes More than 2.6 Tons of Drugs

first_imgBy Myriam Ortega/Diálogo November 25, 2020 In the last week of September, units of the Colombian Navy’s Pacific Naval Force seized more than 2.6 tons of drugs, including marijuana and cocaine, in three operations carried out in the Valle del Cauca department.The first seizure took place in the Punta Ají area, where units of the Buenaventura Coast Guard Station detected a speedboat that attempted to evade security forces. “We had to carry out a maritime interdiction, and after a 10-minute chase, we found that the boat was manned by five Costa Ricans and one Colombian and that it was loaded with bags of marijuana,” Colombian Navy Lieutenant Commander Moisés Felipe Portilla Oliveros, commander of the Buenaventura Coast Guard Station, told Diálogo.During three operations carried out in less than a week, the Colombian Navy seized more than 2.6 tons of drugs, including marijuana and cocaine. (Photo: Colombian Navy’s Pacific Naval Force)The units seized a total of 1,326 kilograms of marijuana.“During the week, we had another interdiction in the Cajambre sector, where we saw the same modus operandi: a speedboat […] that was manned by two Costa Ricans and a Colombian,” Lt. Cmdr. Portilla said.During the interdiction, the crew jettisoned the packages containing the drugs, the Navy reported in a statement. When agents carried out the inspection, they counted a total of 1,142 kg of marijuana and 150 kg of cocaine, the Navy said.The third operation took place in Bahía Málaga, where members of the Pacific Naval Force conducting control and security procedures found eight bags floating in the water, the Navy reported. Inside, authorities found several packages containing 60 kg of cocaine hydrochloride.These seizures occurred in the area of influence of the criminal group Estructura 30, which consists of dissidents of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, the Navy said. “At this moment, they need to start shipping all those narcotics that they were not able to ship due to the pandemic,” Lt. Cmdr. Portilla said.In September 2020, the Buenaventura Coast Guard Station seized 1,546.48 kg of cocaine hydrochloride and 6,405.9 kg of marijuana, according to data from the station’s operations headquarters. With these new blows to narcotrafficking, the Pacific Naval Force has seized more than 33 tons of marijuana so far this year, the Navy said in a statement — the amount of cocaine seized during the same period was not specified.last_img read more

Zagreb County has announced a tender for co-financing the organization of events

first_imgFor cities and municipalities, chambers, associations of craftsmen and tourist boards from its area, the Zagreb County has provided 200.000 kuna to co-finance the organization of events related to entrepreneurship. The tender is open until the funds are used up, and no later than December 1, 2017.Within the Tender, two types of grants are awarded for co-financing the organization of events in the Zagreb County i for organizing a joint appearance of Zagreb County entrepreneurs at events. A joint performance is considered to be the performance of three or more economic entities from the Zagreb County, which are not related by ownership.Funds for both types of support can amount to up to 75% of eligible costs, and up to a maximum of 50.000 kuna for chambers, associations of craftsmen and the tourist board. Local self-government units receive the same maximum amount of support of HRK 50.000, and the percentage of the project value ultimately depends on the development index of an individual city and municipality.Entrepreneurship-related events, within the meaning of this Tender, are fairs, exhibitions, competitions and similar events related to entrepreneurship organized with the intention of presenting entrepreneurs and associations of entrepreneurs, promoting or evaluating their products and services.In addition to the aforementioned Tender, a tender worth HRK 200.000 for the award of grants to entrepreneurs for participation in events is underway. As they point out from the Zagreb County, the funds are intended for small businesses, crafts, companies and for-profit institutions based in the Zagreb County. The grant can amount to up to 50% of eligible costs, up to a maximum of HRK 7.500 for appearances at events in Croatia and a maximum of HRK 25.000 for appearances at events abroad.See details and how to apply for the competition herelast_img read more

Motorsport legend Dick Johnson lists his Gold Coast penthouse

first_imgOne of the private balconies How a house rescued from demolition became a labour of love And another oneBut Johnson said that life was busier than ever, despite the fact “I should be retired”.“I did less as a driver,” he laughed.He remains the part owner of the V8 Supercar team DJR Team Penske, and has started a new business with his son.His eldest grandson, who started racing go karts, is making a push in to the Hyundai Excel racing series, with his grandfather coaching from the sidelines.“I am still flat chat,” he laughed. “It would be good to have a weekend away from the racetrack.”But while Johnson said they would be sad to let go of the penthouse they had called home for 15 years, it was time to pass it on. CELEB NEWS: Life goes on for richlist Palmer family post-election Brisbane designer home costs year’s private school fees to rent a month Drivers Scott McLaughlin and Fabian Coulthard with their brand-new Shell V-Power Racing Team Ford Mustang Supercar alongside Motorsport Legend Dick Johnson. Picture: David CairdMOTOR racing legend Dick Johnson is taking his penthouse for a spin on the property market, listing his Gold Coast skyhome for sale.On the market for offers over $2.2 million, the sub-penthouse was purchased by the Aussie champion and his wife Julianne off-the-plan back in 2003, with the couple moving in after the Mirvac-developed building was completed in 2006. MORE: Builders to the stars reveal latest jawdropping Brisbane project The Icon building“They (the residences) are all one per floor and because of the shape of the building, they get bigger the higher up they go,” she said.“This one is on the seventh floor and in a premium building on the island with 180 degree views.“They don’t come up often and they are very private, with only six in the building.” SUPERCARS – NEWCASTLE 500 – Pictured is DJR/Team Penske Co-Owner Dick Johnson during the second practice session of the Newcastle 500 today. Picture: Tim Hunter.Savills Gold Coast agent Georgia Elson said the penthouse was located in the sought-after Icon building. Erin McNaught and Example now call Brisbane home after splashing $2.8m Australia’s ‘cheapest house’ comes with a catchcenter_img Honey Badger lands sweet deal The Icon building in the Broadwater precinct is located within 6m of the water’s edge, with views over the Broadwater, north to Sovereign Island and the Gold Coast’s hinterland.There are three bedrooms, four bathrooms, and space for three vehicles. Paradise Point is a magnet for celebrities and the well-heeledThe racing legend himself spoke exclusively to the Courier Mail, saying they were drawn to the sub-penthouse and development due to its location and security.“We bought it at the time because we were downsizing and our lifestyle meant we were away a lot,” he said.“It has been a fantastic place to live but we have now moved to another unit which on the top floor (of another building on the Gold Coast) and it is time for a change.”More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus12 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market12 hours agoYou could eat lunch and watch the boats whiz pastJohnson said the balconies were his favourite place to hang out, saying he could sit back and watch the boating world go by.“On a Sunday afternoon on a good day it was like the Monaco Grand Prix,” he said.The couple, who have two grandchildren, said it had also been a great place for the kids to spend time, with its pool, gym, sauna and access to a private beach. It is time to move on, the legend said“It would suit someone looking for security and lifestyle,” he said. “I don’t think there is a place like it.“You can mix with people or, equally, never talk to anyone. The calibre of people living there is great, a great community.”The waterfront penthouse is located in a gated community on Ephraim Island, which is accessed by a bridge. The master bedroomStylish living spaces featuring high ceilings are found throughout the residence, which also includes spacious formal and casual areas and an open plan kitchen.Shared facilities include a 25-meter heated lap pool, two resort pools, a gym, day spa, sauna and a restaurant.There is also 24 hour manned security, and the community is pet friendly.Ephraim Island itself has been described as a “residential address like no other”, and is home to luxury apartments, villas and beach houses, open spaces including two tidal inlets, central park spaces and a conservation area for osprey and sea birds. There is also a 115 berth, private marina with deepwater access. What a view!Paradise Point is a haven for some of Australia’s sporting, business and celebrity icons, with many properties selling in the multi-millions. And another balcony with views!last_img read more