Read Gov. Cuomo’s moving speech about defeating the novel coronavirus

first_imgiStock(NEW YORK) — New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s daily press briefings have become a source of comfort, calm and inspiration as the novel coronavirus pandemic intensifies.New York has become the epicenter of the pandemic. With over 44,000 diagnosed cases, New York has by far the most cases of any state in the nation.At least 519 have died in the state, and Cuomo warned, “That is going to continue to go up.”The battle against the virus will “be weeks and weeks and weeks,” the governor said Friday, adding, “I’m proud to fight this fight with you.”Here’s a partial transcript of the governor’s Friday remarks:I want to make two points to you and I want to make two promises to you. This is a different beast that we’re dealing with. This is an invisible beast. It is an insidious beast. This is not going to be a short deployment. This is not going to be that you go out there for a few days. We work hard and we go home. This is going to be weeks and weeks and weeks. This is going to be a long day and it’s going to be a hard day, and it’s going to be an ugly day, and it’s going to be a sad day.This is a rescue mission that you’re on – the mission is to save lives. That’s what you’re doing. The rescue mission is to save lives and as hard as we work, we’re not going to be able to save everyone. And what’s even more cruel is this enemy doesn’t attack the strongest of us. It attacks the weakest of us. It attacks our most vulnerable which makes it even worse in many ways. Because these are the people that every instinct tells us we’re supposed to protect.These are our parents and our grandparents. These are our aunts, our uncles. These are a relative who was sick and every instinct says protect them. Help them, because they need us. And those are the exact people that this enemy attacks. Every time I’ve called out the National Guard I have said the same thing to you: I promise you I will not ask you to do anything that I will not do myself. And the same is true here. We’re going to do this and we’re going to do this together.My second point is, you are living a moment in history. This is going to be one of those moment they’re going to write and they’re going to talk about for generations. This is a moment that is going to change this nation. This is a moment that forges character, forges people, changes people — make them stronger, make them weaker — but this is a moment that will change character.Ten years from now, you’ll be talking about today to your children or your grandchildren and you will shed a tear because you will remember the lives lost. You’ll remember the faces and you’ll remember the names and you’ll remember how hard we worked and that we still lost loved ones. And you’ll shed a tear and you should because it will be sad.But, you will also be proud. You’ll be proud of what you did. You’ll be proud that you showed up. You showed up when other people played it safe. You had the courage to show up. You had the skill and the professionalism to make a difference and save lives. That’s what you will have done.At the end of the day, nobody can ask anything more from you. That is your duty, to do what you can when you can. You will have shown skill and courage and talent. You’ll be there with your mind, you’ll be there with your heart and you’ll serve with honor. That will give you pride and you should be proud. I know that I am proud of you.And every time the National Guard has been called out, they have made every New Yorker proud. I am proud to be with you yet again. I’m proud to fight this fight with you. And I bring you thanks from all New Yorkers who are just so appreciative of the sacrifice that you are making, the skill that you’re bringing, the talent that you’re bringing. You give many New Yorkers confidence.So I say, my friends, that we go out there today and we kick coronavirus’ a–, that’s what I say. And we’re going to save lives and New York is going to thank you. God bless each and every one of you. Copyright © 2020, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Ex-NFL player Rae Carruth released after nearly 20 years in prison over girlfriend’s murder

first_imgOctober 22, 2018 /Sports News – National Ex-NFL player Rae Carruth released after nearly 20 years in prison over girlfriend’s murder Written by Beau Lundcenter_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailiStock/Thinkstock(CLINTON, North Carolina) — Ex-NFL player Rae Carruth was released from prison Monday morning after spending nearly two decades behind bars on charges stemming from the murder of his pregnant girlfriend. Carruth, a former wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers, was sentenced to 18 to 24 years in 2001 after a jury found him guilty of conspiring to murder Cherica Adams.“I’m excited about just being out of here. I’m nervous just about how I’ll be received by the public,” Carruth said in an phone interview with ABC affiliate WSOC-TV on Sunday. “I still have to work. I still have to live. I have to exist out there and it just seems like there is so much hate and negativity toward me. I’m actually some what frightened.”Prosecutors said Carruth hired Van Brett Watkins and Michael Kennedy to kill Adams in November 1999, when she was eight months pregnant. Adams, 24, was following Carruth in a separate vehicle after a movie when Watkins and Kennedy pulled up beside her. Prosecutors said Carruth used his vehicle to block Adams’ car while Watkins opened fire on her. She died four weeks after the shooting. Her son, Chancellor Lee Adams, was born via a cesarean section and had severe injuries.Chancellor Lee Adams, now 18, has been living with his maternal grandmother, Saundra Adams, and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Carruth said he hopes to “make things right” with both of them once he’s released. “I’ve apologized to Ms. Adams for the loss of her daughter and taken responsibility for what happened,” Carruth said. “I don’t want to harm Ms. Adams. I guess, honestly, I just want to truly be forgiven.” Saundra Adams told the Charlotte Observer earlier this year that she would “leave the door open” for a potential relationship with Carruth.“I’ve forgiven Rae already, but to have any type of relationship with him, there does have to be some repentance,” Adams said in February. “And I think this opens the door. But I can say definitively he’s not ever going to have custody of Chancellor.“Chancellor will be raised either by me, or, after I’m gone, by someone else who loves him and who knows him. He will never be raised by a stranger — someone he doesn’t know and who tried to kill him.” Carruth, a 1997 first-round draft pick, was found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder, discharging a firearm into occupied property and attempting to destroy an unborn child, court records show. He’s set to be released from Sampson Correctional Institution in Clinton, North Carolina, later today.Watkins, who plead guilty to second-degree murder, was sentenced to a minimum of 40 years in prison. Kennedy, who drove the car, was released in 2011.Copyright © 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Pladis hires Kerry Foods’ Lindsey Roberts in VP role

first_imgMcVitie’s owner Pladis has appointed Lindsey Roberts as vice-president of finance at Pladis UK & Ireland.Roberts joins from Kerry Foods, where she was finance transformation director, having previously held senior roles in strategy development, commercial and central finance. She has also led “considerable transformation programmes” throughout her career, including system designs and implementations, as well as synergy projects.She graduated from Hull University with an honours degree in mathematics and is also CIMA qualified.“This is an exciting time to be joining Pladis – in terms of scale, reach and ability to deliver change. We’re in a great position to capitalise on growth opportunities and I’m looking forward to coming on board as part of the agile and collaborative team,” said Roberts.Nick Bunker, managing director at Pladis UK & Ireland, added: “With her broad range of finance expertise and extensive knowledge of the industry, Lindsey will be instrumental in the next phase of growth at Pladis UK&I. Her analytical and proactive approach, together with her leadership style, aligns with our business ethos and we’re delighted to have her on board.”last_img read more

Saint Mary’s hosts a donation drive for free store in the basement of Le Mans Hall

first_imgSaint Mary’s College just concluded a week-long donation drive for its free store located in the basement of Le Mans Hall.The annual drive serves to remind students that the free store is a valuable resource — both as a donation site and economical shopping center. Now a junior at Saint Mary’s, ministry assistant Nicole Popow said, “The free store reminds me a lot of Goodwill. Students can donate things and then students that are in need of certain items can also sift through the store and take what they need for free.” Recently, Popow, along with the other ministry assistants, have been working to make the store more appealing to students. “It’s a nice space,” Popow said. “We did a lot of work this year in cleaning it out which has made it a lot more accessible. We staff the free store at specific hours, and while there was a specific drive during this month, the store is open all year and people can give all year as well.” The drive encourages students to donate by facilitating the transportation of items, Popow said. “The ministry assistants in each dorm building advertised for the drive and we put bins in the lobby or by the front desk and we just asked people to bring their unwanted goods there,” she said.  Rather than having to trek between dorms with an armful of clothing or books, students are simply a short elevator ride away from dropping off their donations. “The ministry assistants bring everything over,” Popow said. “Usually we ask people to donate in Le Mans, which isn’t always convenient for everyone so this is a good incentive to donate.”The majority of donations which stock the free store throughout the year come from this drive, Popow said. “We normally get donations throughout the year,” Popow said. “But this is the time when we get the bulk of our donations.” Popow said this year the drive was very successful. “We had a good number of people donate. It kind of fluctuates depending on the time of year, how much advertising we do, and how much people actually give, and in years past, it’s actually been kind of hit-or-miss,” Popow said. “But it’s been really good this year.”For students who missed this drive and are reluctant to make the journey to Le Mans, another opportunity is coming soon. Popow said, “At the end of the year, we’re doing a mega version of this drive called ‘Blue to New’. It takes place when people are moving out and have a lot of useful stuff that they don’t want to take with them and would usually throw away. So we do a drive for that as well.”In terms of what sort of donations are accepted, anything that is not garbage or impossible to reuse is a welcome addition to the store. “Sometimes we even get textbooks,” Popow said. “It’s just a great resource if students need anything from clothes to notebooks and folders. Instead of going to the bookstore, come to the free store!” Tags: donation, free store, Le Mans Hall, saint mary’slast_img read more

More Than $10 Billion In Unemployment Benefits Dispersed During Pandemic

first_imgShare:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window) MGN PhotoALBANY – New York State’s Department of Labor reports more than $10 billion in unemployment benefit were sent out since the COVID-19 outbreak began.Furthermore, the department reported more than 2 million unemployment benefit applications have been processed since March.“No one could have predicted the wave of unemployment applications that crashed over the United States because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and every state is struggling — but New York has moved faster than any other state to address our backlog and get money into New Yorkers’ hands. To date, we have paid out over $10 billion dollars during this crisis, compared to just $2.1 billion in total last year,” NYS Labor Commissioner Roberta Reardon said. “Those claims that have been outstanding for weeks are ones that we simply cannot process — we have already attempted to contact all of these New Yorkers, and we will continue to try get in touch with everyone who applied so we can connect them with the benefits they are eligible for.”The numbers for applications submitted pre-4/22 are as follows: 1,194,933: Paid20,801: Not Paid – Need Certification7,580: Not Paid – Partial Claims missing Information Needed to ProcessOver the weekend, the Department of Labor analyzed the outcome of applications that were filed on or before April 22nd in an effort to quantify the size of the unemployment benefit backlog. This analysis found that 7,580 applications filed before that date had not been processed. The DOL is unable to process these applications because they either contained incorrect or missing information, are duplicates, or had been abandoned by the claimant. The Department of Labor has attempted to contact all of these New Yorkers and will continue trying to reach them to complete their application or close out their claim.Examples of missing or incorrect information that prevents an application from being processed include a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) and address for an individual’s former employer or an applicant’s Social Security Number. Last month, the Department of Labor issued a directive reminding New York-based businesses they have a legal obligation to provide unemployed New Yorkers with the information they need to apply for benefits, including the company’s FEIN and address.Another 15,831 applications are going through final processing — which includes a check for fraud and identity theft. These claims will either become payable in the coming days or be flagged for additional review by anti-fraud specialists.In addition, applications for 20,801 New Yorkers who applied before April 22nd have been processed but not paid because those individuals have not submitted federally-mandated weekly certifications. By law, these certifications must be submitted before benefits are released. The Department of Labor has proactively emailed hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers reminding them to submit certifications and rolled out a new, secure online system that allows New Yorkers to easily submit prior weeks’ certifications that they had missed. Over 330,000 New Yorkers have used this new system to unlock more than $400 million in prior weeks’ benefits they had effectively left on the table.Finally, the Department of Labor has also launched a new system that proactively and directly communicates the status of an individual’s unemployment insurance application via text and email. Since this system rolled out, hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers have received messages letting them know their application has been received, is being processed, and has become a payable claim.last_img read more

Larry David Will Make Broadway Debut in Self-Penned Play Fish in the Dark

first_img David described the play to the newspaper as a comedy with around 15 characters that explores a family death. The playwright revealed that he would portray “somebody very similar to Larry David—it might even by Larry David with a different name.” Larry David Show Closed This production ended its run on Aug. 1, 2015 David took home an Emmy for the 1993 Seinfeld episode “The Contest.” The ninth season of the HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm, created by and starring David, is currently in the works. View Comments Seinfeld co-creator Larry David has confirmed that he will be making his Broadway debut this winter with his first play. According to The New York Times, Fish in the Dark will be directed by Tony winner Anna D. Shapiro and officially open on March 5 at a Shubert theater to be announced. Despite speculation, Jerry Seinfeld will not be involved with the project (which had been rumored to be entitled Shiva).center_img “I’ll be without anything that I’ve become used to,” David said about going from TV to Broadway. “I haven’t been in a play since the eighth grade…I seem to remember wearing a dress. That’s it.” No word yet on if David will be wearing a dress on stage once more in Fish in the Dark. The writer and actor did not originally see himself taking to the stage: “I thought it would be pretty cool to write a play someday. I didn’t think it’d be pretty cool to be in it…I didn’t want to do it, but I mean, do you know Scott [Rudin, producer]? He’s a very persuasive fellow.” Related Shows Fish in the Dark Star Fileslast_img read more

RICS moves to set standard

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Manchester United trio Anthony Martial, Marcus Rashford and Paul Pogba injury doubts for Arsenal clash

first_imgManchester United trio Anthony Martial, Marcus Rashford and Paul Pogba injury doubts for Arsenal clash Comment Advertisement Coral BarryFriday 27 Sep 2019 10:24 amShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link2.6kShares Pogba’s ankle is still causing him problems despite playing against Rochdale (Picture: Getty)Pogba played the entirety of the penalty shoot-out win over Rochdale, but Solskjaer revealed the midfielder was still struggling with an ankle problem.AdvertisementAdvertisement‘There might be one or two who have not really come back,’ he said.‘Paul (Pogba) was really struggling with his ankle as it was really swollen, so let’s see how that repairs.center_img Martial is unlikely to return before the international break next month (Picture: Getty)‘He got 90 minutes but was sore towards the end again.‘Phil (Jones) will be out until after the intenrational brwak and, you have to count these after every game, but I think that’s it.‘I don’t think we’ll see Anthony (Martial) before the international break. No, I don’t think so. Luke (Shaw) is improving so, hopefully, we’ll see him (before the break).’MORE: Paul Pogba aiming to leave Manchester United in January transfer windowMore: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man City Rashford is a doubt for the game against Arsenal (Picture: Getty)Paul Pogba and Marcus Rashford face a race against time to be fit for Manchester United’s clash with Arsenal on Monday.Rashford limped off in the defeat to West Ham last week, which left United with no fit senior striker, but Pogba played in the mid-week cup fixture against Rochdale.Asked if Martial or Rashford had a chance of playing against Arsenal, Solskjaer said: ‘I wouldn’t put my life on it but that’s part of this game, you work with what you have and we’re looking forward to this game.’Martial has not played since before the international break and Solskjaer said he does not expect the Frenchman to return to action before club action breaks up for another round of international fixtures on 6 October.ADVERTISEMENT Advertisementlast_img read more

Kobus gets first win at Eagle

first_imgBy Greg SoukupEAGLE, Neb. (June 18) – Anthony Kobus became a first-time NAPA IMCA Northern SportMod feature winner Saturday at Eagle Raceway.“It’s always more tricky when you start out front. The track was tacky and slick, depending on where you were on it,” said the five-year veteran. “I love coming here to Eagle, because of the competition. If you can win here, it’s a real accomplishment.”Gary Saathoff, Shelly Andersen and Arie Schouten were next across the stripe.Dustin Anderson drove to the Kaplan University IMCA Modified checkers. Tyler Drueke raced from 12th starting to first in the IMCA Racesaver EMI Sprint Car main event.Roy Armstrong was the Valentino’s IMCA Hobby Stock winner and Tom Powell won for the first time this season in the Mountain Dew Kick Start IMCA Sport Compacts.last_img read more

ORVC Weekly Report (January 28 – February 2)

first_imgORVC Weekly Report (January 28 – February 2)Players of the Week.Boys Basketball: Joel Norman – MilanORVC Report(January 28-February 2)2019Courtesy of ORVC Recorder Travis Calvert.last_img