189 Orb Smartlight Sets Any Mood

first_imgStay on target Kickstart This Sleep Box Inspired by Mark Zuckerberg’Legend of the White Dragon’ Reunites Original Power Rangers Let there be light: The Orb smart lamp controls intensity, color, and direction, promising to create the perfect mood for any situation.From Danish manufacturer Shade, the next-generation lighting platform comes out of the box with predefined settings, configured through a wall switch or mobile app.Options include reading light (“upwards soft glow”), energize (increased intensity with colder whites), movie night (indirect light), dinner light (“dash of white light”), and the all-important Hygge. Or, create your own moods—game night, Netflix and chill, home office—and save them for future use.“Part of our mission is to create a more hands-off experience, where you don’t need to adjust your light over the course of the day,” Shade said, highlighting intelligent features that “know what you need, perhaps even before you do.”“Sunrise” and “nightfall” settings, for example, slowly raise warm tones in the morning and gradually dim them in the evening to help prepare you for bed. The Orb also learns over time, analyzing daily use and suggesting pre-defined schedules. And, for those days or weeks, you’re away from home, the “vacation” function simulates occupancy in an effort to deter burglars.“Light has a profound influence on our mood, productivity, stress levels, sleep patterns, and overall sense of well-being, yet it’s not easy getting the right light,” Shade said, encouraging folks to contribute to its crowdfunding campaign.The intelligent lighting system has already surpassed its $50,000 Indiegogo goal, raising $72,054 from 272 backers. There is still one month left to pre-order your own Orb, available for a discounted price of $189, and expected to ship in December. A two-pack costs $347; three Orbs are priced at $473 (70 percent off the retail price); and a “super pack” of 10 is available for $2,360.Want to jazz up your smart light? Shade also offers the adjustable Slaatto S1 lampshade, created in collaboration with Danish designer Øivind Alexander Slaatto. The shade plus one Orb is on sale for $794.last_img

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