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first_img  “Chocolate, vanilla, existential horror, drug addiction, musical fantasy… there’s a flavor for everyone’s misery. ICE CREAM MAN is a genre-defying comic book series featuring disparate “one-shot” tales of sorrow, wonder, and redemption. Each installment features its own cast of strange characters, dealing with their own special sundae of suffering. And on the periphery of all of them, like the twinkly music of his colorful truck, is the Ice Cream Man—a weaver of stories, a purveyor of sweet treats. Friend. Foe. God. Demon. The man who, with a snap of his fingers—lickety split!—can change the course of your life forever.”ICE CREAM MAN #1: RASPBERRY SURPRISE(W): W. Maxwell Prince (A): Martin Morazzo (C): Chris O’ Halloran (L): Good Old NeonIce Cream Man #1 carries a wholesome, friendly scoop of weird and strange wonder that you just can’t turn away from. The new series from Image was one of the comics that we at Geek were looking forward to. It was unquestionably worth the wait. Written by W. Maxwell Prince with art by Martin Morazzo, colors by Chris O’ Halloran and letters by Good Old Neon, Ice Cream Man #1 is a different format for the publisher, taking on a bizarre yet crafty set of one-shot stories intertwined by one character, The Ice Cream Man.via Image ComicsIce Cream Man #1 guides us into our first set of stories inside the home of a little boy and his pet spider. Two detectives are called to his home once its discovered his parents are missing, but are in for something they certainly didn’t expect. It’s tough to describe the first issue without giving away some of the ‘what the actual hell’ moments. It’s safe to say that you should go into this comic with your mind open to the possibilities. You’ll come out of it not knowing what just happened and where it’ll go next.W. Maxwell Prince pens a story that reads of X-Files meets Twilight Zone. Again, you don’t know what’s happening, but you’re totally along for the ride. Prince sets up the anthology driven universe of what the comic will become. He sets it up for almost a monster of the week type focus, with the realm and reality of human suffering along the way. I hope that’s what it becomes. Prince brings a new and different type of voice in that perspective. We don’t stay on characters for too long and linger, but bringing along various conditions, situations and dealings wherever the Ice Cream Man goes and comes across. This brings us to the most compelling and probably the first mystery of the comic, The Ice Cream Man himself.via Image ComicsI swear to you, I thought I wasn’t going to focus on The Ice Cream Man as much as I did. He’s such a hypnotizing and puzzling mystery. There’s obviously something unusual yet extraordinary about him. He knows more than he lets on which makes him all the more spellbinding. His presence in the comic is felt instantly as he weaves you in and out of the story. Prince writes him like Rod Serling (Twilight Zone) or John Newland (One Step Beyond). A host of sorts that takes you by the hand into their world. However, The Ice Cream Man is a narrator who is an unexplainable and bizarre being that clever with what he says, and you’re compelled to follow him like the pied piper.Martin Mazarro has an incredible art style that highlights the absolute oddity that is this world with such delicacy. Mazarro’s rich and expressive art brings you into the details, especially when it comes to the small details that carry the story from panel to panel. One thing that’s skillfully done and not very noticeable about Mazarro’s art is that he’s very skilled with action from panel to panel. Mazarro cuts on the movement to show you a different perspective. He uses the panels as a cinematographer.via Image ComicsIn the panels above, as we’re introduced to Detective Jialeou Hawn (5V). We zoom into her perspective until she’s tight in the shot. Wide, medium, close. Mazarro aims his pencils perfectly giving us various angels of shots that introduce you to the character, but also lets us into what she’s thinking. I know you didn’t come here for Film 101 and I can go all day. Mazarro creates something astonishing in the pages of Ice Cream Man that will only get better.You’d think a comic as bizarre as this, there would be outlandish and wacky colors, but it’s quite the opposite. Chris O’Halloran brings natural lights and shadows to this comic stepping over into fantasy for a minute. He envokes a mood of normalcy on the surface as weird stuff happens when the sunsets and darkness reigns. Good Old Neon’s letters help bring out the strange, never once overshadowing Mazarro’s art. Good Old Neon enhances the cinematic movements of his pencils as they draw your eyes from panel to panel effortlessly.Ice Cream Man #1 is going to be out of this world, and you’ll want to be apart of it. Not only will we see some abnormal and uncanny characters, but more of The Ice Cream Man to guide us through. You’ll want a scoop of this comic because we’re in for a treat. Ice Cream Man #1 is available now on Comixology and your local comic shop.01/17/18 Releases – In addition to Ice Cream Man #1, here’s a list of other new titles that came out this week that you should be reading.The Further Adventures Of Nick Wilson #1 by Eddie Gorodetsky & Marc Andreyko (W), Stephen Sadowski (A), Hi-Fi Colour Design (C), A Larger World Studios (L/D)  Image ComicsKong On The Planet Of The Apes #3 by Ryan Ferrier (W), Carlos Magno (A), Alex Guimaraes (C), Ed Dukeshire (L) BOOM! 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