Parrot has created an XWing drone

first_imgParrot is no stranger to the world of consumer drones. It’s produced various quad-rotor aircraft over the years, but now it has created a new drone that offers the best features of helicopters and planes. Oh, and it looks like an X-Wing. This thing is just begging for a Star Wars product tie-in. Please, Disney.The Swing (which was apparently code named X-Wing) is still a quad-rotor craft. It takes off vertically like Parrot’s other drones, but it doesn’t have to fly that way. If you push forward on the joystick the drone tilts forward and uses the polystyrene wings to fly like a plane. You lose the ability to hover in this mode, but the lift from the wings should make flight more efficient and faster. This is probably going to be the preferred method of flight for the Swing as the large surface area of the wings will make it especially susceptible to wind when flying in vertical mode.Unlike many of Parrot’s drones, the Swing comes with a dedicated controller rather than relying on a smartphone screen. Your phone docks to the controller and connects over Bluetooth. Parrot says the drone will work up to 300 feet away, allowing you to take the drone quite high. That’s serious range for Bluetooth. It’s not clear how Parrot is pulling that off.Parrot isn’t giving up on traditional quadrocopter drones. It also announced a few of those alongside the Swing too. The X-Wing lookalike is what everyone’s going to be clamoring for, though. The Swing will retail for about $155.last_img

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