Geekout 25 CyanogenMod Installer live demo Valves Steam Machine more

first_imgWhat started out as a casual conversation about CyanogenMod wound up being a full live demo of the new CM installer. Check it out on this week’s Geekout.Valve has turned what would ordinarily be a simple press release into a week long event with small nuggets of information dropping about their new living room initiative. Is the SteamBox as pictured it — as a singular console-killing device — dead? We don’t know for sure, but what we do have instead is the new Steam OS for many different kinds of computers to become the fabled Steam console. On top of this, Valve has plans to partner with hardware manufacturers in order to release Steam Machines, which will bring Steam OS to the TV in many different shapes and sizes. There’s one more announcement left for the gaming company this week, and it’s anyone’s guess as to what it could be. We’ll know for sure what it is at 1PM (ET) tomorrow.You may not have ever used CyanogenMod on your phone, but the company has been getting a lot of attention since forming Cyanogen Inc. This week they announced a partnership with Oppo that will create limited editions of the Oppo N1 smartphone pre-loaded with CyanogenMod’s version of the Android OS. This will make Oppo the very first company to release a commercial CM phone.If you’re not interested in this somewhat odd, non-LTE smartphone, you may prefer simply installing CM on whatever you have handy. The CyanogenMod Installer was a promise made during their big official corporate announcement, and we were able to test it live during the Geekout today.The app from the Play Store works with a desktop app that you install to take care of all the heavy lifting that happens when you install CM. Ordinarily, this process would take even a skilled person half an hour to complete. During the demo we installed CM on a completely stock Nexus 7 within a couple of minutes, with plenty of visual cues along the way to explain what was going on to the user. Based on this demonstration, it’s not hard to see this being a very successful method of introducing users to CM. The team hasn’t announced a supported device list or a date where this will be available to the public, but it is clear they are working hard on this being a great experience.Our App of the Week was Kingdom Rush: Frontiers for Android. This game may not be new to the iOS fans among us, but the sequel to the incredibly popular Kingdom Rush is sure to fill a couple of hours with the vastly improved tower defense experience in the sequel.If you’ve got a topic you’d like us to talk about on our Geekouts, or questions for us during a live broadcast, leave us a message here or on our Google+ page.last_img

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