Nintendo wants iOS apps comics magazines ebooks for Wii U

first_imgWhen Nintendo announced the Wii U there was a lot of head scratching and confusion as to what they were actually offering. The console consists of two parts: the main box holding the Wii U’s hardware, and then a tablet controller sporting a 6.2-inch touchscreen. Surprisingly only one tablet can work with the Wii U, although Nintendo is thought to be working on adding compatibility for two tablets.The latest rumors suggest that Nintendo is going to position the Wii U as more than just a replacement for the Wii. Alongside games that require both the main box and tablet to be used together, the tablet will be a media and app device. Nintendo is thought to be courting iOS developers and helping them port apps to the Wii U tablet and associated app store. If successful, it could mean a healthy selection of touchscreen games available for the launch of the console.But it’s not just games Nintendo is focusing on. Apparently the Wii U tablet is set to get a whole range of additional content including comics, e-books, and magazines. If true, the Wii U will be competing not only with Sony and Microsoft, but also Amazon, Apple, and others in the tablet market.Nintendo has a wealth of content and IP it can call upon to help sell a product, and the Wii U will benefit from that. In terms of pushing the tablet as a media device, Nintendo is expected to offer up digital issues (and back issues) of Nintendo Power. We can also expect to see game manuals and guides made available for viewing, no doubt in enhanced form. Nintendo has yet to confirm this strategy, but it could potentially make the Wii U a more desirable purchase. It would no longer be just a games console, but a way to surf the web, read digital books, comics, magazines, as well as play apps. Parents are going to appreciate that wider feature set for their kids.Read more at Electronistalast_img

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