UK will help safeguard human rights in Sri Lanka

“The outcome is a welcome indication of the resilience of Sri Lanka’s judicial and democratic institutions, and of effective checks and balances between state powers. The UK will continue to stand by Sri Lanka as a close partner and friend, supporting Sri Lanka as it works to deliver sustainable and accountable reform to reinvigorate the economy, improve governance, and safeguard human rights across the country,” he said. The British Government said that it will help safeguard human rights across Sri Lanka.Minister for Asia and the Pacific Mark Field said he welcomed progress made towards the peaceful resolution of the political situation in Sri Lanka. UK Ministers have made a number of statements since the current outbreak of political tension in Sri Lanka on 26 October, calling on all parties to uphold the constitution and due legal and political process. The UK said it is committed to supporting the Sri Lankan Government’s efforts to improve the human rights situation in the country.The UK is providing Sri Lanka with £8.3 million of Conflict, Stability and Security Fund funding over three years, to include support for police reform and training, reconciliation and peace building, resettlement and demining in the north of the country. (Colombo Gazette)

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