‘Gerrard is way past his sell by date’ – Liverpool fans call for captain to be dropped

first_img1 Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard Liverpool’s indifferent start to the Premier League season has prompted some soul searching around Anfield and has even led some to question captain Steven Gerrard’s role in the side.Years ago to doubt ‘Stevie G’ would be considered blasphemy on Merseyside, but in the 3-1 defeat at West Ham, the skipper was surprisingly given the runaround by Reds reject Stewart Downing.Liverpool usually look to their inspirational captain when they are failing to fire, but at 34 it appears time might be catching up with Gerrard – despite Reds boss Brendan Rodgers insisting he has no concerns with the midfielder’s form.Disappointed and angry Liverpool fans have demanded it’s time for a change in the starting XI and that it should be the club legend to make way.Check out what was said about Gerrard by Reds supporters on Twitter below.last_img read more

Steve Kerr chides Lakers’ Anthony Davis; last best chance for Warriors-Lakers rivalry?

first_imgThese two most tenured NBA California franchises have never had an actual rivalry. There has never been anything approaching gold-plated ill will between them.That may be changing.Recently, Warriors coach Steve Kerr appeared on an NBC Sports Bay Area podcast. He criticized the actions of Anthony Davis, the Lakers’ most recent Anointed One. See, last … When was the last time the Warriors and Lakers acted like bitter rivals?You’re wrong.You’re wrong again.And you’re wrong again.last_img

Scientists Need Philosophers

first_imgWise journal editors realize that they can’t do science without philosophy.Science and philosophy are locked in a symbiotic relationship, but scientists often get the most press.  Indeed, some scientists disdain philosophy as a useless intrusion.  But science doesn’t work in a vacuum; it needs to be grounded in philosophy; and all three major divisions of philosophy—ontology (what exists), epistemology (how do we know), and ethics (how should we act)—must hold science accountable.  Here are a few recent articles dealing with this sometimes tense but unavoidable relationship.“In defense of philosophers as scientists” is the title of an essay by Brian Koberlein published on PhysOrg.  After reviewing the history of philosophy (Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Descartes, Popper etc.), he defends philosophy against the scientific naysayers who, like Vizzini in The Princess Bride, said with puffed-up arrogance that “compared to him, the great philosophers were morons.”  Not so—Our modern world is so deeply rooted in scientific thinking that it can be difficult to recognize the philosophical roots of our modern worldview. It’s easier to think of past generations as wrongheaded and ignorant rather than adherents to a different metaphysics. And this is one of the reasons science needs philosophers. It’s always good to have a bit of pushback against your assumptions.The edge of science:  Science Magazine published a book review by Michael A. Goldman of Dartmouth cosmologist Marcelo Gleiser’s book, The Island of Knowledge The Limits of Science and the Search for Meaning.  This “demanding, though stimulating, read” is somewhat positivistic, but recognizes the limitations of science, particularly of physics and astronomy, Gleiser’s specialty.  At best, science can only offer tentative answers:Coming to grips with the ever-changing landscape of fact, and the possibility that some things cannot, by their very nature, be known, is fundamental to our understanding of science and the scientific method. But, as Gleiser argues, this needn’t be cause for despair. “To avoid the funk of a modern scientific nihilism, we must find joy in what we are able to learn of the world, even if knowing that we can only be certain of very little.”Gleiser might struggle somewhat with Ken Ham’s conundrum: “If you don’t know what you don’t know, you don’t know what you do know, which could be very little” (paraphrase).  This makes it audacious for Gleiser to claim any certainty at all.A little knowledge is a dangerous thing:  Nature published an editorial summarized by its subtitle, “The significance of expertise passed on by direct contact— tacit knowledge — is moot.”  The article deals with the problem of reproducibility, tackling the question of how much in a method such as measuring something is science, and how much is art.  Like Goldman and Gleiser, they struggle with our limited knowledge:There are known unknowns and unknown unknowns, as former US defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld clumsily explained. Some tacit knowledge is deliberately withheld, and some journal methods sections offer insufficient space for elaboration. Those are the known unknowns and are most easily addressed. The tacit knowledge that is harder to pass on is the nugget of information that neither the teacher nor the pupil realized was important: the varnish on the Stradivarius violin; the greasing of the thread behind the ear.The editorial leaves the problem unresolved.  Even though we have more data and faster communication, are all forms of knowledge dependent on the procedures used to discover them?  “One way or another, we could be poised to find out.”Buyer beware:  Consumers of scientific knowledge have their issues, too.  In “What kind of research can we trust?” on Medical Xpress, Adam Dunn And Florence Bourgeois worry about the reliability of health claims.  This gets into philosophy’s third division, ethics.  How much should we doubt the conclusions of a scientist with ties to a drug company?  How can we know the statistics were not fudged?  Is there conflict of interest?  “To be able to make informed decisions together, doctors and patients need research that’s trustworthy,” obviously. “If systematic reviews are to remain the pinnacle of evidence-based medicine, then the processes underpinning them need to be continually reassessed to ensure they meet the highest of standards.”  Ah, but who makes the standards?Bloviating without repentance:  It’s funny to read Sean Carroll’s bombastic claims in summer about the BICEP2 results (Caltech E&S, Spring/Summer 2014), then to follow that up with Nature’s hand-wringing editorial (Oct 14) about lessons learned from the “Dust to dust” fiasco (see 9/25/14).  The editors reveal some of the human element inserting itself into the knowledge-generation process:There is a deeper issue here: science not by press conference but presented as an event. What in reality is a long, messy and convoluted process of three steps forward and two steps back is too easily presented as giant leaps between states of confusion and blinding revelation. At the heart of this theatre is the artificial landmark of a peer-reviewed paper. Fixed print schedules and releases to journalists under embargo (with or without champagne videos) help to lend the impression that the publication of a paper is the final word on a question — the end-of-term report on a scientific project that details all that was achieved.Incidentally, Caltech’s article featured a photo of that now-embarrassing champagne party after BICEP’s media event.Earlier in the editorial, apparently penitent over the establishment media’s misdeeds, they had something good to say about science bloggers:The (welcome) rise of the science blogger has fuelled this navel-gazing. Some bloggers seem to spend most of their time criticizing other science writers, or at least debunking examples of what they regard as inferior science writing. But they do lots of good stuff too. Although traditionalists lament the decline of science coverage in the mainstream press, a terrific amount of analysis and comment, much of it very technical, is happening online under their noses.Maybe you’re reading some of that right now.As we have argued many times, you can’t get ontology, epistemology or ethics out of materialism by blind, unguided processes of evolution.  Only the Christian worldview provides the necessary and sufficient presuppositions for doing science with any degree of reliability.  It provides an ontology that’s reliable (because our Creator made us to perceive it), an epistemology based on an omniscient Communicator, and an ethic based on the Creator’s holy character that loves truth and hates lies.If you disagree, we’ll just argue that your selfish genes are using you in their strategy to propagate themselves.  Philosophize your way out of that. (Visited 41 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

SA chemist wins spot at Nobel meeting

first_img3 July 2013 South African chemist Banothile Makhubela, from the University of Cape Town, is one of 625 leading young scientists from 78 countries selected to participate in the Nobel Laureate meeting on chemistry currently under way in Lindau, Germany. The meeting gives Makhubela “the opportunity to pick some of the most brilliant scientific minds in her field”, the university said in a statement last week. It began on 30 June and will run until 5 July and features 35 Nobel Laureates who will meet and exchange ideas with the next generation of scientists and researchers. The Lindau Nobel Laureate meetings were established in 1951 to act as a platform for inter-generational dialogue between scientists. Green chemistry and biochemical processes are the focus of the 63rd meeting, and Makhubela’s area of interest is organometallic chemistry, which interfaces inorganic and organic chemistry and has applications in biomedicines, catalysis and green chemistry. Her highlight of being selected to participate in the meeting was the opportunity to engage with Robert Grubbs, who was one of the 2005 chemistry prize winners and whose research area was bio-inorganic chemistry, like her own. She is hoping the mentorship provided through the meeting will result in the development of “scientific tools to meet the developmental challenges in Africa”. Makhubela comes from Mzinti, a rural town in South Africa’s Mpumalanga province, and found her interest in chemistry grow because it was “more understandable than any of [her] other subjects at school”. “This later on developed into an interest in inorganic chemistry, specifically reactions involving transition metals in organic species,” she said. She pursued the subject at tertiary level and completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Zululand in KwaZulu-Natal. She moved to the University of Cape Town for her postgraduate studies. Makhubela has also been selected to take part in the 2013 SciFinder Future Leaders in Chemistry programme in the US in September. This will provide insight into the largest database of chemistry and related science information, as well as the opportunity to help shape chemical inofrmation. SAinfo reporterlast_img read more

Ohio farm safety stats: Setting a goal for zero fatalities

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By Dee JepsenNational Farm Safety and Health Week is September 16‐22, 2018. This annual promotional week commemorates the hard work, diligence, and sacrifices made by our nation’s farmers and ranchers.The 2018 theme is “Cultivating the Seeds of Safety.” During fall harvest, it is good to reflect on the bounties ahead, by practicing safety throughout the seasons. Farmers, farm families, and farm workers need to know they are valued for the food, fuel and fiber they produce. The safety theme can remind us of the unexpected tragedy a death or serious injury can play, and how it can also impact our business and our entire agricultural community.Over the past 10 years, 128 Ohio farmers lost their lives doing what they love to do — farm. While the number of farm fatalities is decreasing from what they were 20 years ago, 128 deaths are still too many! This article will help us see who is affected by farm tragedies, and how these deaths have occurred.Farm injuries hurt all agesThe fact about agricultural safety is farm hazards don’t discriminate against age, gender, or commodity. Farm injuries can happen to anyone, even those who do not live on a farm. For example, some people visit farms as friends, relatives, or for fishing and hunting access. It is often difficult to separate the family and recreational side of the farm from the occupational or business side of the property. Agritourism operations have also increased the sheer number of people on farms. However, injuries sustained at these locations are not a part of the collected data, unless the person was performing “farm work.”It is understood that farming is a lifestyle, as much as it is an occupation. This changes the workforce by accommodating workers of all ages. In very few work place settings can you find young children and retired seniors working together. These working relationships are not just embraced by the farm culture, they are often encouraged and are a part of the culture that builds strong communities. Yet because of this age spread, injury rates are higher than in other occupations.  The seasons of farm injuriesIf you were asked which season is the most hazardous for Ohio farmers, which would you choose: A) spring, B) summer, or C) fall?Rarely do people think of summer as a dangerous time on the farm. In the past 10 years, the fatalities by month chart shows the steady rise of injuries over the summer months, leading to fall harvest. Summer takes into account multiple activities happening on the farm. It includes planting — usually second crop soybeans, harvesting of small grains (wheat and oats), baling hay and straw, working with livestock, and many field related activities like mowing, spraying, cultivating, and tile work.  Identifying the culprit of our farm deathsGrain bin deaths and entrapments continue to be monitored. In the past 10 years, these types of incidents represent 7% of all Ohio farm deaths.ATVs and UTVs are steadily growing in the Ohio database for contributing factors for deaths and injuries. The vehicles’ size and function make them easily operated on many farms. Yet their stability is a concern for rollovers and crushing injuries.By far, tractor and machinery related deaths in the state are the top reasons for concern. Together, these two categories account for over half of all Ohio farm deaths. Looking just at the tractor deaths, rollovers contribute to 54% of the total number, runovers contribute 24%, and roadway, PTO, and “other” contribute to the remaining 22%.   The fatality rate on Ohio farms continues to show a steady decline. This is good news! Over a ten-year period, an average of 12 farmers lose their life each year to production agriculture practices. Another 15,000 farm workers incur injuries of some nature while doing farm chores. Farm safety campaigns can impact safetyEffective safety campaigns are needed at all levels within a community, and throughout the season. These promotional events can remind farm workers of the benefit for adopting safe work practices. Partnerships for safety can include equipment dealers, local cooperatives, school programs, emergency and rescue units just to name a few.Even non-farm community agencies are encouraged to be part of the efforts. Faith based and neighborhood networks can be part of the safety solution by supporting safety events, sponsoring training classes or helping to purchase specialized rescue equipment.People within the community can express their support for keeping farmers safe by re-evaluating their traffic safety manners. The motoring public can improve roadway safety by slowing down when approaching farm equipment, understand traffic patterns to and from the central markets, and avoid cutting off livestock trailers and grain semis which cannot operate with the same agility as a compact car.Working cooperatively towards a farm safe environment is the underlying theme of the National Safety and Health Week. Knowing how injuries occur to farmers can help us understand how to prevent these injuries and mishaps. Working together, farmers and rural communities can cultivate the success of a safe farming season. Dee Jepsen, Associate Professor for Agricultural Safety and Health, can be reached at 292-6008 or [email protected] This column is provided by The Ohio State University Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering.last_img read more

All 32 NFL teams on hand to watch 2015 Ohio State pro

Now former-OSU wide receiver Devin Smith speaks to the media at the 2015 Allstate Sugar Bowl. Smith is projected as a first round draft pick by many experts. Credit: Mark Batke / Photo editorFor some, pro day is a way to improve on subpar performances in certain events at the NFL Scouting Combine. For others, it is a time to introduce yourself, both personally and through your play, to the NFL scouts and coaches on hand.No matter what the goal was, the 10 former Ohio State players currently entered in the 2015 NFL draft had a chance to reach it Friday morning with OSU’s annual pro day event at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center.At one end of the spectrum is wide receiver Devin Smith, who currently projects as a first-round pick in many mock drafts. Smith, who performed at the combine in Indianapolis last month, said he was using the opportunity to show off some of the finer points of his skill set.“I was really just trying to hush the critics of me, that I’m only able to run one route,” Smith said. “I thought it was really important to go out there and run all the routes, show them that I’ve improved and can run all the routes.”Smith said in addition to route running, he wanted to be able to showcase his ability to corral the ball on a regular basis.“A lot of teams felt that I’m not very consistent with my hands, so I made sure I did that,” he said. “I put a lot of work and training into working on my hands and my coordination.”On the other end, offensive lineman Darryl Baldwin, who was not a starter for coach Urban Meyer until his redshirt-senior season, looked to get his name out there and get one step closer to the NFL.“You just try to start one year, and now you’re here trying to impress NFL teams,” Baldwin said. “It’s great. It’s a dream come true.”Despite a total of 76 representatives from the NFL in attendance at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center, including members of all 32 teams, Baldwin said he was able to block out most of the pressure coming from the most important job interview of his life.“I didn’t (feel the pressure). After we got the bench out of the way, and the first 40 (yard dash), I was just more relaxed and everything just seemed better,” Baldwin said.Among the 76 NFL representatives in attendance were Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin and offensive coordinator Todd Haley, Cincinnati Bengals coach Marvin Lewis and Minnesota Vikings general manager and OSU alumnus Rick Spielman.Tomlin was accompanied by current Pittsburgh and former OSU linebacker Ryan Shazier.Another participant Friday was cornerback Doran Grant. Grant said he has attended past pro days to support his teammates, but he still did not know exactly what to expect.“You’re the performer. You’re the one doing the workout. You’re the one interviewing for the job with all this NFL personnel,” Grant said. “I was looking at (redshirt-sophomore cornerback) Eli (Apple), how he was watching at me, and I said, ‘That’s how I used to be.’”Grant said he is still not sure where he might go in the draft. The Akron native said all that matters to him is making an NFL roster, in any capacity.He said has talked to the Oakland Raiders, Dallas Cowboys, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Steelers, amongst other organizations.Baldwin said he does not know what the future will hold for him, but he appreciates days like Friday to give him a chance to work toward his dream.“Whether it’s going late-round draft or free agent, it doesn’t really matter to me. Just getting the chances,” he said.Baldwin was not aware of his numbers Friday, as they were not released to attendees outside of the scouts, but said he believes he performed well. The Solon, Ohio, product said he has an interview scheduled with the Carolina Panthers at the end of the month.While 2013 OSU graduates such as offensive lineman Marcus Hall, wide receiver Chris Fields and kicker Drew Basil made their returns to the WHAC on Friday, so did one player who has been away for quite a bit longer.Troy Smith, who won the Heisman Trophy in 2006 as a senior at OSU, returned to throw passes in receiving drills for tight end Jeff Heuerman and receivers Evan Spencer, Fields and Devin Smith.Devin Smith said it was a good experience to work with the former NFL starting quarterback.“It was great. Having a Heisman Trophy winner come out here and really giving us a good look, so we appreciate it and, and he’s always wanted to do stuff for us,” he said.In addition to Devin Smith, Baldwin, Heuerman, Spencer and Grant, the other recent OSU graduates participating Friday were defensive linemen Michael Bennett and Steve Miller, kicker Kyle Clinton, long snapper Russell Doup and linebacker Curtis Grant.Doran Grant said, while he enjoys the pressure and intensity of the pre-draft workouts, he is getting restless waiting for the draft to begin April 30.“It’s been just like everybody told us,” he said. “They said it’s a long process. That’s what makes it hard, is how long from January until draft day. That’s the hardest part, the wait.” read more

Scholes explains why he trusted the players over Mourinho

first_imgEven though Jose Mourinho is no longer Manchester United’s manager, legend Paul Scholes seems determined to pick a fight with the Portuguese.During the time that Jose Mourinho coached Manchester United, the Portuguese manager had Paul Scholes as his greatest critic and someone who could see right through him during the final year with the Red Devils.The former United midfielder began to sense that the boss didn’t really feel like Manchester was the ideal place for him, which is why Paul didn’t hesitate to accuse him of engineering his own dismissal from the club.The explanation that Scholes offered during a Norwegian TV broadcast called TV2, was that he started taking notice with the manager’s incendiary press conferences and with the way in which he started putting players on the spot in front of the cameras.Since he felt that Mourinho was acting directly against Manchester United’s best interest and Scholes feels a deep respect for the club of his life, his natural reaction was to obviously criticize the manager as much as he could.Things got so heated between these two, that Scholes is still coming after him even though he is no longer the Red Devils’ manager.#MUFC legend Paul Scholes insists that Jose Mourinho deliberately got himself sacked by the club.Do you agree with him? 🤔 pic.twitter.com/U5KXOgniJf— SportyBet Nigeria (@sportybetng) January 17, 2019“I didn’t feel the need (to criticize him), I was just being honest with the questions that were put to me and what I was seeing from the manager,” he told Norwegian broadcaster TV2 this week.“They had been OK for a couple of years, not great. I just thought at the start of the season when he started complaining very early on in pre-season, saying the kids weren’t good enough, I didn’t like it from the start.”“He was complaining about not getting players in, not getting defenders in, that the club weren’t doing the right thing by him.”“I felt he engineered his move away perfectly in the end. When a club’s not performing, when players aren’t playing well, there’s only one man who’s going to lose the job and that’s the manager unfortunately,” he added.“I don’t believe that players actually stop playing for a manager, especially if you’re at Manchester United where you’re expected to give absolutely everything for every game.”Jose Mourinho, Lionel MessiMourinho: “Lionel Messi made me a better coach” Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Jose Mourinho believes the experience of going up against Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi at Real Madrid made him a greater coach.“They just looked shot to pieces and the manager wasn’t giving them much confidence. He was always complaining like I said, he was having a go at players, falling out with players all the time.”“He fell out with Antonio Valencia, who is the nicest man in the world. It’s impossible to fall out with Antonio Valencia.”“That was a big sign for me that something wasn’t quite right. Now we’ve seen the improvement in the last few games since Ole (Gunnar Solskjaer) has been there, you see the smiles on the faces again. It just goes to show how deep the problem was while he was there,” he concluded.Scholes:I felt Mourinho didn’t want to be there.He engineered his move away perfectly in the end.Scholes on OGS: “The last manager showed lack of respect/was an embarrassment to the club,Ole has realised that he’s there to serve what’s probably world’s greatest football club. pic.twitter.com/wFy1BMOue5— Vinay (@SemperFiUtd) January 17, 2019Now that things are apparently back to normal at Manchester United, Paul Scholes could maybe relax a little bit and leave poor Jose Mourinho alone.Although it is true that the Portuguese manager did seem like he wanted to get fired, all that is in the past now and it’s not healthy to hold any grudges against anyone.But looking at things from Paul Scholes’ perspective, we completely understand why he would still feel angry against Jose because the severance package he got after getting dismissed was around €25 million and he did it knowingly.It’s safe to say that Manchester United and Jose Mourinho will only cross paths in the future if they face each other, the Portuguese manager left a very bad after taste on anyone who knows how things really progressed behind the scenes at Manchester United.New post (Man Utd legend Paul Scholes labels Jose Mourinho ‘an embarrassment’ on Norwegian TV) has been published on News, Politics , Sports, Business, Entertainment, World,Lifestyle, Technology , Tourism, Gh Songs | – https://t.co/EqpevrR597 pic.twitter.com/08DycC2o64— Ghanadailies (@ghdailies) January 17, 2019Do you think Paul Scholes should keep coming after Jose Mourinho or should he let it go? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.last_img read more

Son Heung Min warns rivals of Tottenhams resilience

first_imgA day after Tottenham’s challenging victory against Watford at Wembley, Son Heung Min explained why all of Spurs’ rivals should be afraid of them.The image of a shattered Son Heung Min after Tottenham Hotspur’s difficult win against Watford last Wednesday, is the clear representation of a squad that will never give up as long as there is still hope to fight for the title.Even if things are incredibly complicated for them right now as they remain 7 points behind leaders Liverpool, the South Korean forward wanted to send all his teammates a motivating message that could bring them up a bit during this difficult time for them.Let us not forget that the Spurs are currently going through a period without two of their major stars who are recovering from injuries, and they didn’t sign a single player during the winter transfer window.Actually, Tottenham Hotspur became the first ever Premier League club that didn’t buy players in two consecutive transfer windows and the fans are very disappointed with chairman Daniel Levy for this.But the players know that they can’t show any signs of weakness, Son Heung Min is the first one to send this hopeful message for the rest of the season and he reminded those angry fans that the players won’t give up despite the difficult times.Super Son! 🔥#COYS pic.twitter.com/EZg2Fzwahh— Tottenham Hotspur (@Spurs_MAS) January 31, 2019This new chapter for Tottenham Hotspur with no new players in their roster for a full season and a half, is arguably one of the biggest tests the club will have to go through and people are already thinking that they are as good as dead in the race to win the Premier League this season.But Son refuses to believe that, he actually thinks that this mental state of emergency that all the players are going through is something that makes them very dangerous for any other title contender in the league.Son is the other major star who was absent from the club due to his Asian Cup duties, but South Korea was eliminated from the tournament quite early and all Spurs fans took a massive breath of fresh air because they have their player back.Son was even good enough to help the Spurs cut a few points off the two clubs at the top of the table thanks to his contribution, he scored the first of two goals in the victory against Watford last Wednesday and he ended up completely exhausted after the match.The image of him on the ground with nothing left to give, is something that the fans will never forget. Son is literally giving his life for Tottenham Hotspur and he is becoming an idol to everybody who appreciates these details.✍❌ – A new record for @SpursOfficial!They become the first ever @premierleague club to make no signings for 2 successive transfer windows. 😳Harry Maguire, Manchester UnitedLiverpool legend Nicol slams Harry Maguire’s Man United form Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Steve Nicol believes Harry Maguire has made some “horrendous mistakes” recently, and has failed to find his best form since joining Manchester United.Follow #DeadlineDay live here: https://t.co/oeyf1H2APW pic.twitter.com/f8N5SCOzjG— Sky Sports Premier League (@SkySportsPL) January 31, 2019“I don’t care if people ignore Tottenham. I don’t care if people say Liverpool or Manchester City are going to win the title,” said Son via The Mirror.“We’re still there, we’re going for it, and we’ll see what’s going to happen at the end of the season.”“Maybe I’m boring, because I always answer the same way – of course they are both very good sides, like us. But we can only focus on ourselves, and in every single game winning three points is the most important thing.”“The season still has a long way to go and so many things can happen. You can’t even imagine what will happen – we just believe in our own game and we want to win as many points as possible.”“I feel like this all the time, after every single game, because I always try to do my best and I give everything.”“I’m only human, and I can’t play my best all the time, but my attitude is always to give my best to the team. If sometimes it doesn’t work, I try – this is my first thing to do in every game.”“When you go away, and the team goes out in a [Carabao Cup] semi-final and then the FA Cup, of course it hurts. It hurts like you can’t even imagine. So it was very important to win again, we showed good character.”Tottenham Hotspur’s Heung-Min Son, so emotionally, mentally and physically drained.Still picks himself up and on his return to the Spurs team provided the crucial equaliser to lead us on to one of our most important wins this season, he works so hard for this club.#THFC #COYS pic.twitter.com/xFPHqAKvqr— Ricky Sacks 🎙 (@RickSpur) January 30, 2019How long can Tottenham Hotspur last fighting for the trophies this season with no transfers? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.last_img read more